The Anti-Seawolf-As-A-Mod Association was a secret society formed by Skyler to protest the wrongful imprisonment of Nelson Mandela (kidding). It was all very cloak-and-dagger.

The "whole schpiel":

I believe you can be trusted, so I will let you in on TASAMA.

TASAMA is a silent fight, a silent protest against certain things on the forum right now. TASAMA is about getting support behind a project that the community believes in, it's about showing support without saying a word, just by displaying a small symbol in your signature.

TASAMA is an acronym if you haven't figured it out yet. It stands for The Anti-Seawolf As a Mod Association.

We ask you only three things.

that's it ... just toss the image up if you support our cause, if not, then please keep it to yourself. :)

The secrecy aspect wore off, evidently before the time was right given the shitstorms it inspired, but at least we learned something: Skyler later dismissed the group as childish, adding, perspicaciously, "fuck off and die."