Lambda Corps

Real Name:Mike Whitaker

Origin: Born on the mean streets of Vancouver, his parents were murdered by a marauding Strogg Gang APC. Legally an orphan, and with no surviving relatives willing to take him in (fearing the wrath of the Strogg), he was placed in the care of the Canadian Government. At the age of 13, they put him to work for the Canadian Strategic Zeppelin Corps, where he quickly acquired his resourceful nature.

One dark and rainy evening, as he made his way home from the CSZC Barracks, he saw in the distance a boy about his age, under attack by Strogg gang members. Outgunned and outmatched, the boy fought valiantly, fighting off and destroying 4 Strogg Warchoppers with his frenzied Hyperblaster fire before they managed to subdue him. The Strogg gang leader leered over the captured boy, licking his lips grotesquely as he thought of what punishment he might incur upon the poor lad for his resiliance. Just as he began to speak, calculated Rail Gun bolt liquified his head. In horror, the Strogg underlings fled for their lives, but 3 well placed throwing stars decapitated each of them methodically. The boy, grateful to the author of the Rail Gun bolt called him out, and for the first time beheld his new comrade in arms: Lambda Corps. From then on, they vowed to patrol the Mean Streets of Vancouver to protect the innocent against the nefarious Strogg.


Real Name:Raul Ferfield
Age:Immortal (gained from defeating the council of Dark Sorcerers in Surrey's Underworld)
Weapon:Voondersail, Laptop, Hyperblaster, Samurai 3000 Ninja Sword

Origin: Raul Ferfield was an ordinary High School Student, until he intercepted an instant message that changed his life... forever. He saw something he was never supposed to see. He knows something he wasn't supposed to know, and now they're after him. Raul Ferfield is the Codebreaker.

Mack Kilimaro

Real Name:Mark Brown
Weapon:Teal Coloured Lightsaber

Origin: Born in the Game Universe with an odd resemblance to a certain narrator, Mack Kilimaro developed Force powers in a freak battle of willpower. Eventually he met up with Codebreaker and Lambda Corps, members of the baddest group of dudes in Canada, where he fights today with his lightsaber, wit, and narrator's favor.


Real Name:Guess correctly and I may tell yas
Weapon:Longsword, shortsword, dagger, light crossbow, heavy crossbow, battle axe, sniper rifle, pistol, gauss rifle

Origin: Born on a farm near a bustling city in an alternate universe, Endarire became proficient in the weapons of the land. Only after travelling through the gate to Earth (after dimension-hopping a few times to get to the right dimension where he could find Earth's gate) did he learn to use guns and pilot vehicles.


Real Name:Names are one of the trivial faults of man, for oneself can still be oneself without a name
Weapon:Mystery, Deceit, Illusions, Omniscience

Origin: All things are of themselves, for all was one, and now, one is of all, but in origin, all things are of all things, and thus one thing is of all things. All was one, and one was all, as was I.

Odin's Eye

Real Name:Damien Drapeau
Age:Old as time itself.
Weapon:The mighty spear Gungnir.

Origin: Born long ago he is a dark spirit that wanders the world. In the age of the digital he has learned to flit along the server paths and connections. He does not exist and you'll never see him in your system unless he wants you to.


Real Name:Jackson B.

Origin: As an apprentice, a magical mistake that could have spelled disaster for Jackson enchanted a nearby yo-yo with strange powers. It moves of it's own will and shouts insults to it's enemy's. Wandering the streets of Edmonton, Jaxon now uses this trash-talking talisman to fight evil when his magic fails him.


Real Name:Matthew "Champ" L
Weapons:C4 Bricks, Claymores, Rocket Launchers, Grenades, Flamethrowers, MP5, M-60

Origin: Champ does all the dirty work with a bang. Playing with fire ever since he was a little kid, he's had an affinity for them. He relies on his trusty flamethrower to get him to where hes needed. However, if the situation calls for stealth, the MP5 will do the job. Champ hails from British Columbia and is the current youngest member of the Posse, but has a quick wit and an even quicker mouth. Once an acolyte of the Yogurt Party, Champ resigned and joined the ranks of The VSP after he was invited by the hacker Codebreaker.