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World War is just what it sounds like. Originally created in 2002 for Warcraft III by Magnum, that creative, witty and unbelievably handsome devil, it is a custom melee map for The Frozen Throne that features a de-luxe map of the world and plenty of high-level creeps.

The new version features all the cool Frozen Throne features like Taverns, Marketplaces, Shipyards, and Dragon Turtles.

Don't bother pointing out how imbalanced [INSERT ANYTHING HERE] is, or how unfair it is that South Africa has to fend off a level 7 Turtle two seconds into the game, or how injust the Iraq war is, since Magnum doesn't care and will be generally out of contact for several months.

If you want to praise Magnum for this wonderful map, send him a note.

If you'd like to flame him and/or send him complex and well-researched deconstructions of this map and its intent, send it to his alternate e-mail address.

Also, thanks to Dekar for hanging onto this for two years (in his secret Magnum shrine, no doubt) and helping me play-test.