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Auspex Studios is committed to creating new and exciting gameplay experiences for fans of computer entertainment in a variety of genres and styles. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Auspex Studios was created in 1999 by co-founders Ruben "Auspex" Moreno and Eric "Zeus Legion" Dieter, after their work together on Episode II of The Antioch Chronicles.

Ruben Moreno

Creative Director, Producer, Musician

Auspex Studios was founded in early 1999 when Ruben Moreno began work on Episode II of The Antioch Chronicles, a freeware add-on campaign for Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft which has since gone on to become the most widely acclaimed third party add-on in the online and gaming magazine communities.

Ruben's work has been featured in PC Gamer, PC Accelerator and Online Arena, and has won a host of magazine and web site awards for map and campaign design work, including Online Arena's Best Single Player Design of 1999, as well as Runner Up for Best Multiplayer Design of 1999, both for StarCraft.

At Auspex Studios, Ruben is responsible for general creative direction, level and map design, audio production, sound design, voice casting and voice acting, assuming no less than seven different major roles in the first two Antioch episodes alone.

In addition, Ruben was one of the original founders of Ethermoon Entertainment, helping with the initial design of the RTS Strifeshadow, including work on the game universe, back story, unit concepts and structure. He also contributed map designs for Ellipse Studios' underwater RTS, Submarine Titans.

Ruben graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from North Carolina State University in December 2000. His other work includes HTML and graphic design for various gaming and corporate web sites, as well as being the lead singer and bassist for the progressive rock band Paradigm Blue.

Juan Mantilla

Programmer, Musician

Juan graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Computer Science degree from North Carolina State University in May of 1999, and has done programming in C++, C, Java, Visual Basic and Perl.

In addition to working as lead tester on various projects, including The Antioch Chronicles, Juan is also a forum administrator on two web sites and has taken on various musical composition projects with Ruben Moreno, chiefly playing guitar in the progressive rock group Paradigm Blue.

Currently Juan is a tech support rep for a large company and has developed strong communication skills, working with customers directly over the phone.

Ryan Gately

Programmer, Multiplayer Designer

Ryan is one of the more recent additions to Auspex Studios. His foremost job is as game designer on a yet-to-be-announced commercial project planned for Spring 2001. During his spare time, he works on the multiplayer elements of The Antioch Chronicles as well as the programming on various unit and interface areas of the project.

Ryan is experienced in many areas of game development, including design, programming, level building, art content, and sound engineering.

Craig Clark

Animator, 3D Modeler

Besides making the rest of the team laugh with English words like "sodding," "bird," "spot on," and other phrases, 29-year-old Craig Clark is an accomplished 3D modeler and cinematic genius from England.

Craig focused his early education on becoming a technical illustrator. After graduation, Craig became a trainee draughtsman, holding the position for two years while attending a college course for an ONC in Mechanical Engineering.

Eventually, Craig landed a job in the IT arena involving training people to use an account / stock control system, as well as installing small networks and configuring and building PCs.

He remained in that position for four years before moving on to his current job as a software support analyst, training users on a Unix-based system where he tests and deploys software in-house or in the field.

Craig is well-skilled in computers ranging from the Amiga 500+ to today's x86-based powerhouses. He is trained in the use of Newtek Lightwave 6.0b, Kinetix 3D Studio MAX r3, Impulse Imagine 2.0, Photoshop 5.5, Paint Shop Pro 6, Dreamweaver 3.01, Microsoft Office 2000 Professional and has worked extensively with the latest versions of both Microsoft Windows 98 and 2000.

Eric Dieter

Designer, Producer

Eric led his own team at a large cable company in combating the influx of competition and retaining customers. His task was to devise competitive strategy, implement new features / services / channels and address customer loyalty programs. He worked very closely with management and the Customer Service Department in studying competitors' marketing maneuvers and responding with competitive counter-offers.

Later on, Eric launched his own computer company and served as CEO for three years before becoming a freelance consultant, and recently joined a Fortune 500 E-commerce company full-time.

He is an accomplished writer and voice actor and shares several awards with fellow Auspex Studios team members on Episodes II and III of the acclaimed StarCraft expansion, The Antioch Chronicles. His voice work also appears in several FreeSpace 2 campaigns and Remedy Entertainment's Max Payne E3 2000 video trailer.

Eric is fully knowledgeable in Microsoft Windows 95/98, DOS, SAP, Access, Excel, Gentran, Crystal Reports, Local Area Networking and dozens of applications with over 10 years hands-on experience in assembling, upgrading, performance-tweaking and troubleshooting hundreds of x86-based (IBM compatible) PCs, as well as experience in Visual Basic 6.

Stuart Ng

Artist, 3D Modeler

After graduating from high school, Stuart did freelance work for web site companies and helped his father's video and photography business with camera work and creative assistance before attending the Center for Digital Imaging and Sound, a school for digital media and imaging applications.

During this time, he began production on a well known multiplayer total conversion for StarCraft titled "Gundam Century," based on a well-known Japanese movie and television series as popular in Japan as the Star Wars saga is in the United States.

The Gundam Century TC reached unexpected heights of success in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Europe, North America and especially Korea where it is used as game software for professional game tournaments. Gundam Century was a one-man project conducted by Stuart. Stuart's success brought him to the attention Ruben Moreno, who asked him to design new units for the final episode of the award-winning StarCraft add-on campaign, The Antioch Chronicles.

Stuart has done freelance design for large companies like, some media design for Everlast athletics fashion wear, and design work for

Jon Hawkins

Animator, 3D Modeler

30-year-old Jon Hawkins is getting long in the tooth and looking forward to retirement and wearing an adult diaper.

Jon is a skilled animator and is highly experienced with Lightwave and Photoshop. He also likes to impress people by informing them that his younger brother is Brett Hawkins from Human Head Studios, and that he can still body-slam him.

Waylon Winn

Animator, 3D Modeler

19-year-old Waylon Winn is the wet-behind-the-ears and overly enthusiastic rookie of Auspex Studios. When he's not being teased or threatened with a wedgie, he is usually working on animation with Craig and Jon.

Waylon is skilled in Lightwave, Photoshop, PageMaker 6.5 and the video editing program Adobe Premiere. He is also versed in several internet programming languages including JavaScript, HTML, and DHTML.