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<p>The Anti-Seawolf-As-A-Mod Association was formed by [[Skyler]] to protest the wrongful imprisonment of Nelson Mandela (kidding).</p> The Anti-[[Seawolf]]-As-A-Mod Association was a secret society formed by [[Skyler]] to protest the wrongful imprisonment of Nelson Mandela (kidding). It was all very cloak-and-dagger. The "whole schpiel": <blockquote><p>I believe you can be trusted, so I will let you in on TASAMA.</p> <p>TASAMA is a silent fight, a silent protest against certain things on the forum right now. TASAMA is about getting support behind a project that the community believes in, it's about showing support without saying a word, just by displaying a small symbol in your signature.</p> <p>TASAMA is an acronym if you haven't figured it out yet. It stands for The Anti-[[Seawolf]] As a Mod Association.</p> <p>We ask you only three things.</p> <ul><li>If you decide not to join our fight, that you don't tell anybody about it. We want to keep this behind the scenes, and if I'm telling you this it means I'm trusting you to not spread the word around. We want you to recruit if you do join us, and we ask that if you do recruit you tell these people that if they don't join we'd like them to stay quiet about it anyway.</li> <li>That you display the image in your signature, though even a sightless protest is welcome, any support is welcome.</li> <li>That you spread the word, this may contradict with the first, but while we don't want certain people finding out ([[Seawolf]], [[Avatar]]--we will tell them, but when we're ready) we do want others to join. we prefer if you tell them to talk to me, that way I can give them this whole schpiel ;))</li></ul> <p>that's it ... just toss the image up if you support our cause, if not, then please keep it to yourself. :)</p></blockquote> The secrecy aspect wore off, evidently before the time was right given the shitstorms it inspired, but ''at least we learned something'': Skyler later dismissed the group as childish, adding, perspicaciously, "fuck off and die."