"Whoa." —Desler, CC Forum

"Whoa." —Codebreaker, CC Forum

"Bob is Bob" —Bob, TAC Forum

"Auspex, Zeus, FoG, and AP are essentially the only lamers left." —Seawolf, TAC Forum

"Luc, Dine, and CB are essentially the only lamers left." —Seawolf, TAC Forum

"Kitties!" —Lucainan, Every Forum

"Nuke it." —ZeusLegion, TAC Forum

"Is it Bah Day or something? Bah! Bah bah bah bah Moo. Moo moo moo moo. MOOO!" —shandromand, TAC Forum

"I generally find death threats, extortion and blackmail as the best ways of getting results, but I'll resort to bribery when forced." —Palin, CC Forum

"Stupid brain! It's all your fault!" —Maelstrom, TAC Forum

"Why does everyone want to make ME Leader?! WAAAHHHHH!!" —Seawolf, TAC Forum

"Check his fraggin' sig over at the fraggin' CC board. It's fraggin' big since it lists every fraggin' member of Chaos fraggin' Legion. It's fraggin' annoying." —Codebreaker, TAC Forum

"Friends don't let friends spread retardedness!" —Mack Kilimaro, TAC Forum

"We're all going to die..." —Blitz Zero, TAC Forum

"...If every deceased organism from the past billion years is any indicator. " —typhoon, TAC Forum

"Nannoth/Taeradun stole your burrito! JUST LIKE THEY STOLE TURMALIS'S TACO!!!!" —PyreLight, TAC Forum

"Nathan go clickey click forum on. Stupid text he say! Lucainan me laugh at. Sense post I usaglly!" —Magic, CC Forum

"Aid Zibbly? NEVER!" —Lucainan, CC Forum

"If Flyspeck were here... whoa... the amount of profanity astounds." —Admiral Styles, SC Vault (battle net game)

"Flare: Go find me some homoerotica!" —Codebreaker, TAC Forum

"I WUV YOU... *Hugs Kultcher*" —Sectoid Hunter, TAC Forum

"*shoots Sectoid in the foot, just for the hell of it*" —Kultcher, TAC Forum

"You know, Seawolf would stick to his guns even if they were facing backwards." —MG, TAC Forum

"*pulls out Gauss Rifle*" —Seawolf, TAC Forum

"*eats Gauss Rifle*" —Codebreaker, TAC Forum

"Ahh... there's nothing like a snort-o-spacecrack after a nice warm pie." —Phalanx Covenant, TAC Forum

"You crazy." —Qjuad, TAC Forum

"You have been officially WASTEd. Have a nice day!" —Seawolf, TAC Forum

"My PEEEEE!!!" —Lucainan, TAC Forum

"All of this excitement is brought to you by My Wallet™: "Where Money Disappears Like Magic.™" —ZeusLegion, TAC Forum

"Every time I see you post, I feel sorry for all of the Canadians." —Lucainan, talking to Nathan Ross, CC Forum

"Must... hail... satan...." —Lucainan, CC Forum

"better to have blood in the urine, than urine in the blood." —Palin, TAC Forum

"Breaking necks and cashing cheques in the 9 to 5." —Odin's Eye, TAC Forum

"I'm not a robotic-monkey slave!" —Blitz Zero, TAC Forum

"Grah neep wannah, weep ninnie bong!" —Blitz Zero, TAC Forum

"You lot scare me more than....5 minutes in Bangkok. At night. Twofold." —Magic (he's English), TAC Forum

"Curses, attack again disco boys, but this time I'll attack as well and we'll still lose! Bwa ha ha!" —Admiral Stoker, TAC Forum

"WOw, my CUStoM SiG has been hax00red" —Qjuad, TAC Forum

"Imn higher thank the plying pionies!!!!!! hehahahea" —Guess who123456789, TAC Forum

"Change the channel. I'm bored." —ZeusLegion, TAC Forum

"I'm a white nerd who likes to masturbate." —GateKeeper, TAC Forum

"I'm a not-so-white dude who doesn't like to hear about the sexual exploits of forumers named 'Big Dave'" —Rainblades, TAC Forum

"Get the fuck out of my forum before I blow your head off your shoulders." —Codebreaker, TAC Forum

"CB, get the fuck out of my forum before I blow your head off your shoulders." —Seawolf, TAC Forum

"There goes the mailbox." —Lucainan (I think)

"GO EAT SHIT PLZ" —Alevice