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Part II

45. Pamela Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

[Pamela Voorhees]

Why I Like Her: For the longest time I never saw the Friday the 13th films, mainly because I'm not a fan of slasher flicks. I eventually saw the original on sale for like five bucks around Halloween one year, and I didn't have any plans that night so I said what the hell. I actually expected Jason Voorhees, the hockey mask wearing, knife toting maniac to be the killer in the film when I saw it. It was mildly surprisng to find out that I was wrong, and that in fact his mother was the one who did the killing in the first movie. This bitch took out an entire gaggle of youngsters before being done in herself, and for that and the creepy talking to herself thing she's scored the number fourty-five spot on the countdown.

"Kill her, Mommy. Kill her. Don't her get away Mommy. Don't let her live."Pamela Voorhees

44. Jareth the Goblin King (Labyrinth)

[Jareth the Goblin King]

Why I Like Him: Jareth belongs on this list if for no other reason then the picture shown above. I mean, this guy is the real deal. He sings, he dances, he steals babies, he lords over goblins, and not only that but he proudly displays his package for the entire world to see. In fact, several of the scenes in Labyrinth are just a puppet staring at David Bowie's package while they try to hold a conversation. I'm pretty sure it's even listed in the credits as an actor, I'm not entirely positive on this, but if it isn't it should be.

"Everything that you wanted I have done. You asked that the child be taken. I took him. You cowered before me and I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down. And I have done it all for you! I am exhausted from living up to your expectations. Isn't that generous?"Jareth

43. Arcturus Mengsk (Starcraft)

[Arcturus Mengsk]

Why I Like Him: A true bleeding heart douchebag, Arcturus is a villain that I think is near and dear to many of our hearts here at Antioch. Credit must be given where credit is due, and this man did manage to crown himself Emperor of the Terran Sector...even if it was only until the United Earth Directorate showed up. At first you find yourself sort of torn about Mengsk, I mean sometimes you have to make shitty calls when you're in charge of an organization like the Sons of Korhal. However, he quickly showed his true colors after leaving Kerrigan for dead, and so he has secured his spot on the countdown.

"Fellow Terrans, I come to you in the wake of recent events to issue a call to reason. Let no human deny the perils of our time. While we battle one another, divided by the petty strife of our common history, the tide of greater conflict is turning against us, threatening to destroy all that we have accomplished. It is time for us as nations and as individuals to set aside our long-standing feuds and unite. The tides of an unwinnable war are upon us, and we must seek refuge on higher ground, lest we be swept away by the flood. The Confederacy is no more. Whatever symbols of unity and protection it once provided is a phantom, a memory. With our enemies left unchecked, who will you turn to for protection? The devastation brought by the alien invaders is self-evident. We have seen our homes and villages destroyed by the calculated blows of the Protoss. We have seen first hand our friends and loved ones consumed by the nightmarish Zerg. Unprecedented and unimaginable though they may be, these are the signs of our time. The time has come my fellow Terrans to rally to a new banner. In unity lies strength; already many of the dissident factions have joined us. Out of the many we shall forge an indivisible whole capitulating only to a single throne, and from that throne I shall watch over you. From this day forward let no human make war upon any other human, let no Terran agency conspire against this new beginning, and let no man consort with alien powers, and to all the enemies of humanity seek not to bar our way, for we shall win through, no matter the cost."Arcturus Mengsk

42. Gendo Ikari (Evangelion)

[Gendo Ikari]

Why I Like Him: Some of you are not overly familiar with Anime, so you'll have to forgive me this choice. I was torn between throwing Ikari or SEELE on the countdown...largely because I felt that Evangelion needed to be represented SOMEWHERE, but with so many fucked up assholes in a series it's hard to pin down the one person/entity that should speak for the all of them. Ikari is one twisted individual, however, and he manages to prove himself over the course of the series as a brilliant tactician (politically and otherwise), manipulating people and events to suit his purposes. I won't spoil the series for those that haven't seen it by going on about WHY he's fucked up, but suffice to say he's got some really messed up crap that he does. I can only hope he'll be done justice in the live action film.

"Mankind has no time left."Gendo Ikari

41. Pennywise the Dancing Clown (It)

[Pennywise the Dancing Clown]

Why I Like Him: Tim Curry can be one scary bastard when he sets his mind to it, and it's been said that even the cast and crew of It couldn't stand to be around him during filming as he was constantly in character while wearing the outfit and makeup. Scarier villains are hard to come by, as Pennywise sorta combines that childhood fear of clowns with much darker ones. I'm told the book is better, and I will have to read it some day, but for now I'm pretty satisifed that Pennywise was pretty well portrayed in the mini series...leastwise he scared the crap outta me when I saw it for the first time.

"Me? I am eternal, child. I am the eater of worlds, and of children. And you are next."Pennywise