Table of Contents

Part IV

35. Captain Barbosa (Pirates of the Caribbean)

[Captain Barbosa]

Why I Like Him: We're now getting down to some of the picks that I really thought were tough choices to place above some of the names that have come before. I was sorta torn about putting Barbosa above alot of the people already listed, but in the end I think he is where he belongs. Barbosa has a number of qualities that make him a remarkable villain: he's got a sense of style all his own, he has a pet monkey, he's a very decent swordsman, he's willing to pillage and murder in the name of his own ends, and not only is he undead but he has an undead crew as well. Fantastic. I look forward to seeing his role in the next film.

"For too long I've been parched of thirst and unable to quench it. Too long I've been starving to death and haven't died. I feel nothing. Not the wind on my face nor the spray of the sea. Nor the warmth of a woman's flesh. You best start believing in ghost stories Miss Turner. You're in one."Captain Barbosa

34. The Calculator (DC Universe)

[The Calculator]

Why I Like Him: Most of you probably have never heard of him, and I can hear alot of you Marvel fanboys whining already. Trust me, your guys will be represented, however, I felt it was necessary to put this guy in here. Why? If there was a most improved villain of 2006 the Calculator would most definitely be the winner. This guy went from some idiot running around with a huge calculator on his chest to one of the most powerful villains in the DC universe. How? He made himself a buyer and seller of information, turning himself into an evil Oracle. Pretty much anything I've read involving him is good, so if you haven't heard of him I highly recommend reading up on him. Grade A villain in my book.

"The fee for your cooperation will be considerably less than the quoted figured, but it will be handsome still. It's what you'd pay for refusing that you should worry about."The Calculator

33. Cardinal Richelieu (The Three Musketeers)

[Cardinal Richelieu]

Why I Like Him: If a villain is rated and judged by the greatness of their heroes then Richelieu is truly a legendary villain. One of the classic bad guys of literature, Richelieu was brought to life for me by Tim Curry in the Disney spin off of the book. Not only is this man a scumbag, not only is a corrupt member of the clergy, but he had Tim Curry play him in the movie. One of the original corrupt clergymen, Richelieu's style and intellectual prowess are undeniable. Great villain all around.

"Remember, Kings come and Kings go but one thing remains the same. And that is me."Cardinal Richelieu

32. Zed (Pulp Fiction)


Why I Like Him: An unusual choice I know, but let's face facts. Getting anally raped by a hick is probably on the list of the top ten things I don't want to have happen to me in my life, and not only is this guy a rapist but it seems that he has some sort of quasi-sex dungeon going on in the bottom of that pawn shop. I have no clue, but this man's actions were so heinous that Butch felt OBLIGATED to go back and save Wallace, even after everything they'd done to each other. Any man whose actions can unite those two under common cause has really done something horrible, and in my book that gives him his spot on the countdown.

"Bring out the gimp."Zed

31. Kerrigan (Starcraft)


Why I Like Her: The queen bitch herself. We all knew she was coming, I think, you just didn't know when. A master manipulator to be sure, she played all sides against each other to end up undisputably on top at the end of the Brood War campaign. Any semblance of good that was once in there, any hope we had that she might have been the same person before her change, is gone and what we have left is the evil zerg queen bent on wiping out all other races to conquer the galaxy in her name. A true milestone of corruption on the countdown, and definitely a sign that things are about to get good...

"Once again I stand atop the broken bodies of my enemies... Victorious but not unscarred. The Earth-borne Directorate has been destroyed. And the New Overmind lies dead and trampled beneath the ashes of Char. As for my unlikely allies, I think that I shall allow them a reprieve. For in time I will seek to test their resolve, and their strengths. - They will all be mine in the end, for I am the Queen of Blades. None shall ever dispute my rule again."Kerrigan