Long Convos

Flyspeck 42 (12:36:34 AM): Fritz Hollings sounds hot
SW Genius (12:36:35 AM): It's a guy.
Flyspeck 42 (12:36:42 AM): I know
[01:43] <Magnum> Town Abstract Statue That Looks Vaguely Phallic
[01:43] <typhoon> funded by the National Endowment for Vague Endowment
[01:43] <typhoon> which comes out of Avatar's pocket, naturally
[01:43] <Magnum> In more ways than one
[21:47:38] Flyspeck 42: goddamn you suck
[21:47:49] Flyspeck 42: rent a goddamn room
[21:48:01] Flyspeck 42: THIS IS SEX WE'RE TALKING ABOUT

Short Convos

Phoenix is a CHICK???

shandromand: so, you like playing big manly-men eh? (reads from response in the OMG thread)
Phoenix: Ah, in NWN?
shandromand: hehe.
Phoenix: Heh. Actually, I'm a chick.
shandromand: !!
Phoenix: Uh, my character is a chick.
Phoenix: I mean.
shandromand: Geez dood, don't do that shit to me!
Phoenix: Hahaha.
shandromand: I about fell out of my chair!
Phoenix: That's incredibly funny.

Visser's Time Zone

Magnum: Let's go with Tuesday at 10PM EST
Magnum: what part of Australia are you in
Visser: east
Visser: so like 48 hours more or less from nowe?
Magnum: is Perth east?
Visser: perth is a hole, and its west :P
Magnum: nm
Magnum: found Sydney
Visser: all the cool people are below that in melbourne
Magnum: So that's about 2PM your time
Visser: i know what it is my time :P
Magnum: or 1400 hours
Magnum: GOOD
Magnum: just make me do math for nothing, see if I care
Visser: well with all the messing around with you fuckers, its a bit hard not to know :P
Magnum: heh
Visser: i can tell time in 2 major timezones off the top of my head :P
Magnum: Well, you just add 8 hours to get EST
Magnum: Just like I add 6 to get GMT
Visser: actually you take 16 not add 8
Visser: or you add 8 then take 24
Magnum: ?
Visser: i am ahead of you
Magnum: oh, right
Visser: right now its tommorow
Magnum: the IDL
Magnum: weird
Magnum: What's it like in the future?
Magnum: Did the sun rise tomorrow?
Visser: kind of like present, only slightly hotter
Visser: let me check.. yep
Magnum: cool
Visser: ill let you know if the world decides to end

Dave Matthews goes to Hell

phal: hey seksi
phal: :D
Magnum: *shudder*
phal: hahahahah
Magnum: What's up, Ray?
phal: ray?
phal: WTF!
Magnum: omg wat teh fucj
phal: fucj?!?!
phal: huh?
Magnum: Is it me, or is Antioch down at least once an hour?
phal: yeah its annoying as fuck eh
Magnum: AIM, too
phal: weird
Magnum: wtf
Magnum: gotta finish MP2 tonite
Magnum: u shud git it ph00l
phal: i'm getting a webcam instead
Magnum: wtf
phal: i'll just warez MP2
phal: like i did mp1
Magnum: u r gay
phal: duh

phal: im getting the webcam so we can cyber
Magnum: o coo
phal: hahah
phal: i knew that'd win you over
Magnum: Phalanx' mom has goooot it goin' on...
phal: hahgahaha
phal: nice
Magnum: That is one of the top five worst songs ever written.
Magnum: And I hear it eight times a day
phal: hahaha
phal: yeah
Magnum: Who signs that?
Magnum: or sings, if you prefer
phal: fountains of wayne
Magnum: They'll get their own room in hell
phal: hahahaaha
Magnum: Preferably one next to the gang rapists
phal: hahahha
phal: that'd be sweet
phal: enrique iglesias would def gang rape them
phal: he's all about the ass raping
Magnum: LOL
phal: you know its true :D
Magnum: Dave Matthews will be down there, too
phal: YES
phal: finally someone who agrees dave mathrews blowldkjfa;sd
phal: dslf
phal: gayh
phal: thinking about it has cursed my ability to type
Magnum: And all the colors mix together to — AAAH AAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAH! OH GOD! WHAT IS THAT?!
phal: hahahahh!
Magnum: *insert joke about "Busted Stuff" here
phal: you know his song names?
phal: i feel bad for you
Magnum: My roommate last year was a hardcore DMB fan
phal: god that sucks
Magnum: mmmhmmm
Magnum: Baaartender pleeeaseeee — OH! OH DEAR GOD NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *gunshot*
phal: hahahhah

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