When we first discussed an Antioch History page, I thought about doing a timeline (or something like that) with all the "objective dates" (such as: TAC Episode 2 was released on Day X, WASTE was founded on Day Y, and Zeus took over the world on Day Z), plus another section with the "Subjective History": as many Forumers as possible telling the story of Antioch from their point of view.

Of course, that didn't work. That would require said Forumers to DO something, and I can't go whip all of them into slave labor. But, I did post about that idea in the Forum, and a few people replied, so, while the official timeline is being made (you better sit while you wait for that one),here are what they said: —Erasculio

How I made this place awesome with my presence

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Well, my brother Odin (no, that's his net-nick, not his real name) showed me this community message board and told me it was an good place to hang out. I became a member and played the campaign. Ever since, the level of corpse eating has never been the same.

A Eurotrash view of Antioch by Qjuad

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TAC: The place where, every day, another little piece of me dies. How did it all start? Well, one day in sunny England I was on the internet, and found out about a campaign called The Antioch Chronicles. I liked Campaigns, owned Starcraft and knew what "chronicles" meant... so I played it.

From there on in the story is a tad reminiscent of everyone elses and thus just as banal. Rest assured I'm still stuck here.

TAC by Kate

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Once upon a time, in a state (Maryland) far far away, I went to visit Mack. It was March 2002. At the time, we were dating, and—being as we were dealing with this insane long-distance romance of ours—we decided it would be fun if I spent my spring break out with him, since our breaks were the same week.

Well, while I was there, Mack kept checking this "forum" of his. I had heard very little about this forum in the year I'd been dating him, though he had once sent me to read [[The Great VSP/WASTE Saga]], believe it or not. When I went to check it out, however, the online text was unreadable on the background, and he made me e-mail the webmaster of the site and complain. That webmaster was actually Seawolf. Oooh and aaaah.... He told me to download the RTF versions, because there was nothing wrong with the text. :P

But I didn't understand a word of it and gave up after about six pages. (Come to think of it, I STILL don't understand a word of it, and I gave up after the first part. ^_^;) Whatever the case, when I was out visiting Mack, he kept checking this forum of his. A lot, actually. And I was getting just a little bit annoyed at him. My uber-clingy personality cried out, "NUUU! HE IS IGNORING ME FOR AN INTERNET FORUM! I MUST COMBAT THIS!" So, one day, he got up to take a shower and left me alone at the computer...and I slid into the chair and poked through his bookmarks until I found the right link. Once there, I posted as him and "kidnapped" him from the forum.

I don't remember if I got a lot of replies or not, but I *DO* remember that Thorn replied and said that I was cool and that I should become a member of the forum and stick around. And so, I decided I might as well, and I did join up. I never thought I would stay—I thought I would just post a bit more while visiting Mack and then quit.

I kept posting for a while when I went home, though, creating the Antioch Amazons. And I ALMOST won favorite forum newbie. *HATES WolfCatBot*. But I didn't say much, and so no one really noticed me...or when I disappeared. You see, when the gold membership at EZBoard ran out, all the pop ups caused my ancient IE on my equally ancient PC to crash violently, so after May, I pretty much stopped visiting the forum. Well, for a while, at least. I reappeared when I got my Dell, which was in late July, and I actually eased back into the forum. And by then, I had actually started playing Starcraft, which my best friend gave me for my college graduation. (Along with Photoshop.)

Whatever the case... Yeah. I was pretty much back for good, and I started making myself a real part of the community. I don't think there's really much more I can say about my career here. I did some towel-whipping, participated in a few forum stories, and, yes, spammed like a hellian. I got to know a lot of the boys, co-ran the AFA, actually started to play multiplayer games with everyone (though I'm a lagwhore), wrote my own forum story.... I experienced the Palin/Seawolf flame wars, one of the "Tarun comes back and everyone fights with him" moments, the departure (and return!) of Auspex, Mason's return and "I AM NEVER COMING BACK!", and I've fought with Koji. ^_^

*shrugs* I'm not going to lie—I love it here. Despite the fact that I have gotten a lot of crap, I enjoy being involved in the community. You boys make me happy, and I'm thankful for it.

(And that's overlooking the whole "Antioch introduced me to a wonderful man" thing. *coughcough*)

So... That's my history of Antioch. ^_^

~ Kate
...who has actually never played the Chronicles. ^_^;

The Antioch Tale as view by Shandromand

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1999-ish: I get a friend of mine's copy of starcraft. I beat the hell out of it. I get and beat broodwar (yes, without cheating). Then I find this really kick ass spinoff called Antioch. I join the forum. I got to know people, chit chatted with Seawolf, Typh and some of the other old-timers. Argue with Palin. Argue with Mason. Flip out over the second episode of TAC. Argue with Palin and Mason some more. Get totally bummed at finding out that there isn't going to be an episode three. Argue with Mason yet again. Left for a while, came back. Dragged some forumers into my own mess of a gaming world. Got to be pretty good friends with lonemage. Still waiting for the next big argument with Palin.

There, I think that about sums up the last few years. Seriously though, I've made some really good friends here. I've also learned alot. Some are gone, others are still here, and newer people come in all the time. Over the years, I've watched this community grow from a bunch of gaming fanatics into a family. However fractious we might be, however different we might be, there it is still, a family. I think this place is about as good as pie.

A Demonic View of TAC by ADO

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I got Starcraft back in 1998, and of course proceeded to play through it, but I was about 10 back then, so it was slow-going, but it was great. Eventually, my brother happened to show me Antioch, and I played it and liked it. After a while, I checked up on it occasionally, back when it was at Techbase or whatever, and kept doing so for a while.

As for the forum, I first remember going there when it was kinda like how the battlenet forums were— you could see all the posts in a thread and they were replies bulleted and indented... I vaguely recall the whole Bob thing, even, and I seem to recall Spooky coming here, and things like that. Then I lost track of the place for a while and eventually found it again back in early 2001 or so, back at EZBoard, where you all know what happened.

...Amazing, that thing speaks? Or Kojiro's POV

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Kojiro Takenashi

I am an internet nomad. I come and go from place to place, always leaving my mark, and always checking in on things now and again. I make sure to leave my trail, as it gives me a bit of a legacy. Just try googling "Kojiro Takenashi" uppercase, lowercase, underscored, wtf ever, and you'll get an idea.

Anyway, Final Fighting Fantasy, a kickASS little flash site, had a link to The Wrong Plot. I read it, liked it, and Antioch (from what I saw from the comic) really reminded me of Aduro~Victus, my forum "home" for a long while. I searched long and hard, but could find no trace of Antioch. Apparently this was when the Ashenvale forums were being rebuilt.

Anyway, one day I was bored, playing nationstates, and it hit me to do a search for an "Antioch" country.

Sure enough, it was DTZ's. He linked me here, as well as gave me his AIM so we could chat about it. Talking about it jogged my memory, and I remember just a small bit of encountering the place once before, but nothing much to really set it apart from the rest of the background noise of the Web.

So, I hung up my admin jacket at JasonRivera.com, never officially saying goodbye because I planned to be back, but school would have otherwise. Feeling a bit too shamed to return, as well as not desiring being Mr. Decepticon Overlord leader-guy anymore, I just chilled at Ashenvale instead.

People said I pulled a "Blitz Zero" while sidestepping a possible "ADO".I learned what that meant later. My current bad image comes from when I was criticized for my high post count, compared to kate. Now, I saw an opportunity here. I could beat her post count being legit, instead of her mindless spamming. So I tried, and failed, got frustrated, and went on a 30-minute spamfest.

My reputation has been recovering ever since. Boy, did I -EVER- ruin not only an excellent entrance, but a good image too. Seawolf once said that I "Exude Antioch". How many of you would agree with that now?

...I didn't think so.

Edit: Oh, kate thinks its bad she never played The Chronicles? I don't even HAVE Starcraft. I didn't even TOUCH RTS until I got the link for the WC3 Demo. Now lookit what you've done to me. Bastards. *goes back to playing*

Words from the newbie Falcon Warrior

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Falcon Warrior

Mine won't be long.

A few years ago, (1 or 2 actually) I got Starcraft for my laptop. This caused much shit. June 2003, I got My brother's computer. It was his idea; for once his idea gave me the better end. So when I ran Starcraft, it ran smoothly.

While I still had my laptop, I went to NewGrounds regularly in the first term of 7th grade. I was going through the video game parodies and found Final Fantasy. Then I found not a parody, but a series of movies about what happened after the end of Final Fantasies.

I am referring to Final Fighting Fantasy. So I went to the main site and downloaded the movies. This was also where I found webcomics.

At first I had only been reading 8-Bit Theater. Then I started reading Megaman comics. One of these was The Wrong Plot.

And so, The Wrong Plot led me to Antioch Wars. After beating the game, (I had my newer computer at this point) I went to ZeraWolf. After less than a hour there, I was directed to Antioch.Not much has changed since I came here. And so, that is how I came to Antioch.

Huh. Longer than I thought it'd be. Well, there is one part before it all...

Sometime in January, 1997

I met my best friend. That's where the source of this is I guess. About two years later, we were talking on the phone while he was talking to his brother. I asked what he was doing, and he told me about Newgrounds.

EDIT: And so, my 200th post is how I got here. It seems mine has some similarities to Kojiro's...

The Wisdom from Phigment

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Well, see, there was this guy. Phigment, his name was. He was a pretty cool guy.

The Overwhelming Justice that is Palin

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My HiStoRy:

??/??/??: Palin comes to Antioch.

??/??/??: Palin says something that pisses someone off at Antioch for the first time.

??/??/??: Palin gets his own hate-posse comprised primarily of Magnum of Seawolf. This makes Palin very happy. Everybody loves Palin!

??/??/??: Palin forgets the dates at which stuff happened.

??/??/FUTURE: Palin is voted in as Supreme Ruler of Humanity 'n Stuff by a whopping 100% vote of Earth's populace, due primarily to the fact that all voting was accompanied by the question "Do you enjoy breathing?" Subsequently, the rate of stranglings increases dramatically. Vote Palin!

How Visser Warezed Antioch

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Several years ago, Starcraft was my very first ever warez game, and is now one of the very few that i own, along with BW. At the time, i didnt play games much, but still spent a lot of time on the computer. My friend gave me a cd containing about 8 ripped games (as featured in the internet during the main warez eta) that his friends cousins friend (you get the picture) downloaded, and had been gradually passed on. None of us had the net then :P We played very noobily for a while, playing DCC (serial cable!) multiplayer. I then bought a p100 for the sole purpose of my friend being able to come over and play starcraft.

Fast forward, till sometime between the release of TAC1 and 2. I now have 56k, which i used only a few hours a week at the time, as thats all we had. I visited http://www.battle.net/scc/ every chance i got. While searching for something related to starcraft, i caught wind of something called "Antioch chronicles" which was apparently very popular. I got the first episonde. Soon, i was visiting http://antioch.tech-base.com/abase.html every chance i got :P

When the forums came around, i eagerly read them, but mostly lurked. I kept right on reading, and reading. I lost track for a while around the coolboard era, which i managed to track the forums back down towards the end of. There i finally began to post semi regually, but once we moved back to ezboard, i was posting a lot, and noones got rid of me yet.

Guess Drunken Haze

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My name is guess.

I showed up here after a hardcore night of self loving.

Then I stayed.

OMG teh raxx0s: Clodpool

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PW told me to join. I didn't like ezboards. I liked ashenvale. I joined...

The Coming of Dekar

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I was searching on the internet for Starcraft stuff one day, when I found SCLegacy. I heard about Antioch quite a few times and kept seeing the name come up and one day, I figured, "Hey, I should go check it out."

So I did. I downloaded Antioch 1 and played through all of it, and it was good. I kept checking back on the site because apparently Antioch 2 was due for its release soon, and eventually I decided that I should check the forum. I lurked for awhile and then just jumped in with some post that I'm sure, shouted, "I'm new here; what I just said is stupid."

And ever since then, I've stuck around. I used to hang out in #Antioch, and #Antioch2, and all that back when it was in its heyday. Though, I'd have to say that I'm not exactly the most active forumer.

Magnum's History, or LOL, Dekar said "coming"

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Around the turn of the century I was looking for some sort of psychological escape mechanism from the Moms and Brads of my life, so I found the Antioch forum a welcome, asterisk-warring escape from torturous Suburbia. Little did I know this forum would consume such a large quantity of my life. Well, to be fair, it began that way, and I left for six months around the summer of 2003 to pursue an interest in the human race, having long been a sort of Warcraft mole rat, neither seeing nor hearing, but, by instinct, honing a damn good Footman rush build. After my refreshing (and confusing) self-imposed exile, I discovered the raw potency of distilled Warcraft, in the persistent World Of, mainlined like so much Harlem nose candy. After a marathon session in which my legs actually atrophied to the point where standing became a challenge (I shit thee not), I threw my copy in the dumpster and declared myself a recovering addict. Almost exactly a year later, I picked up my copy again and found everyone speaking in phrases like "totally pwning Naxx with my 56 Staff of the Accuser" (only more cryptic) and decided that running around on my brown ram, badass as Frank was, was pretty boring.

Initially the golden key into the Antioch society was to have some sort of archetypal appeal, or at least a cool catchphrase, so I used to shoot people in the face with my pretend gun. That got old pretty fast, so then the name "Magnum" simply became a metaphor for genital overcompensation, which it remains to this day. That's not saying a single thing about Eastwood's masculinity, because Clint Eastwood is the cat's balls.

I've seen Antioch progress from a small, wide-eyed community in love with the independent gaming movement and the social revolutions it has brought about, to an even bigger community on the cusp of true cultural significance, to its grand deflation at the departure of its creators, through its repeated stagings of internets DRAMA! to its bloated, velvet-clad-Elvis-on-methamphetamine phase, to its settling into a very cool, relaxed, Beckettian, Seinfeldian existence. I love this place now because nobody really cares about anything, and those that do are banned.

The people here now have sublimated directly from the "creepy gamers I met on a website" phase into my loving family. Thus, loathing and loving go hand in hand, just like real family. And like a family that has been together too long, we know what we're going to say before we say it, which is why nobody ever posts anymore. God help me, I do love it so.