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The Great VSP Saga:
Part III

Revenge of the Good Guys

Table of Contents

Part III

Chapter 7: Revenge: Denied!

"Quick! Everybody! Come here!" yelled Auspex. The Good Guys who heard it came running. Those who didn't were rudely alerted by being poked in the back by Zeratul's DarkScythe. When everyone was in the basement, Auspex told of his plan.

"I have decided to scrap the Hyperion's Revenge Patch. It just isn't working. Instead, I've come up with a brand new idea! You see, the next A3 Mega-Update—the “Uber Update”—is ready! Take a look!"

The Good Guys crowded around Aus' computer, and many "Oooos" and "Aaaaahs" were heard as the group admired the update.

"Wow, THAT'S the new Zerg unit?"

"I thought it would be the Vorpal Jackrabbit!"

"'Leviathan', eh?'"

"Hell, that's even better!"

"Check out those screenshots!"

"Damn this kicks ass!"

Everybody was so busy making comments that they barely heard Auspex telling them to listen up again. After everyone was listening, Auspex continued. "I am about to post this onto the Antioch website. I have hooked my computer up to the Warpsphere so that when the update goes online, we can jump through to the Antioch Universe! Now, I just activate the Update Loader..."

Auspex reached for a button on his computer, and pressed it. A countdown began on the screen. "TEN..." it said.

And the group waited.

Dark T Zeratul

The Time Gate opened and ejected the three characters into a desolate wasteland. Mason looked around and gasped.

"What is it?" asked Codebreaker.

"This is...this looks like the part of the Antioch Universe that I was a Guardian for. But it's been ruined!"

"We have been thrown far into the future." said Magus.

Mason groaned loudly. He had told Guardian Steve that he'd only be gone for half a minute or so. "How far?"

"Three years."

"Three years?!?" comprehension slowly began to dawn. "That means that WarCraft III is out and nobody's playing Starcraft anymore!" He sat down on the ground and began to think, while Magus and Codebreaker set out to explore.

‘Hmm...’ thought Mason. ‘It's been three years. SC has been abandoned. I wish I could find my way to the Common Foe universe and see if it was successful... WarIII is all the rage; probably has an expansion out by now...’ "That's it!!!"

"What's it?!?" Codebreaker heard Mason shout and came running.

"Auspex said he'd work on WarCraft III expansions, didn't he? Perhaps the Antioch Universe is really the realm of all the creations of Auspex Studios. We should try to find it."

"Why? What we need to do is get back."

"Yeah, but that usually involves finding a Gate and fighting a boss."

"Huh? I thought you said you hadn't played Chrono Trigger."

"I did?!?" Mason seemed shocked.


"Huh. I must have been distracted. Did you ask that right as we came in?"


"That's it. I was looking around, trying to find what we do next. Must have zoned out a bit. But I love Chrono Trigger! I just wish I had the money to get Chrono Cross now that it's out."

"It came out while you were stuck here. How could you have known?"

"Such a big event in the realm of Fiction as CC's release creates ripples across the fabric of all Plots everywhere. I can feel them."

"Then why not use your narrator sense to scan the plot of CC and find out its storyline?"

"Because that ruins the game for me when I actually get it and play it. Besides, I can't 'reach' that far. Wouldn't work."

"By the way," CB asked, "if you could have brought the DragonSlayer here at any time, why didn't you do it earlier?"

"Prime directive. I didn't want to risk exposing the Antioch Universe to Proto-Cruiser technology. Broker and his men, however, have already fought the DragonSlayer, so it doesn't matter if they see it."

Their conversation was brought to a halt as Magus called to them. They hurried over to where he was. He had found a red gate.

A *red* gate?!? "This doesn't seem right." said CB. "Where could this lead?"

"Hmm..." said Mason. "So far we've had several different aspects of Starcraft, we've had Final Fantasy, MechWarrior, Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer... The way this Plot is going, it could lead anywhere. Only one way to find out."

CB nodded and held out the Gate Key, and the three adventurers jumped through.


Where does the red gate lead to?

How are the battles with Sam and Little Timmy going?

What will the heroes do when they arrive in the Antioch Universe and there's no Mason to rescue?

Will these silly questions *ever* stop being asked?

Find out on the next episode of The Great VSP/WASTE Saga, Part III.

Mason Wheeler

They were hurtled violently through the portal, being flung around everywhere. Mason felt like the guy in the movie Mission to Mars who got spun around so much that he burst and flew apart. He wanted to scream, but he figured that in space (or time-space, that is) nobody could hear you scream and decided it wasn't worth it. After what seemed like an eternity, they fell out of the portal and blacked out.

Mason was the first to awaken. He immediately wondered where they were. In the game, Magus had been thrown into the year 12,000 BC while Crono and his friends were thrown into the year 65,000,000 BC. As he opened his eyes, he realized that in no way was this the game. He was in the End of Time. And so were Magus and Codebreaker. They awakened soon after, and they all got up and surveyed their situation. Codebreaker and Mason knew that they were standing amongst the Time Gates, while Magus was completely confused. They decided that it was time to explain what had happened. "Er... Magus? We have something to tell you," started Mason.

"What is it? If it's about my sister Schala, please tell me?"

"Well, it's about this game."

"Game? This is not a game! Lavos is not something to be taken lightly! He will destroy you, just like he destroyed my sister Schala!"

"Hold on a minute Magus," said Codebreaker. "In case you haven't noticed, we're not from your world. Let me explain. In our world, there is a video game—Gee, how could I explain that... Well, a video game is like a magic box that has pictures on it, and tells a story. You control one of the characters in the story and tell it what to do. Anyway, there's a game called Chrono Trigger, and it involves you. And the entire Kingdom of Zeal. You see, in this game you control Crono, and eventually he meets a guy named Glenn who you turned into a Frog."

"Ah yes, I remember him. So tell me, if you know of this 'game,' what happens to him?"

"In the game he finds the Masamune and defeats you, much in the same way we did. In fact, at the very same moment we did. As you were summoning Lavos," said Mason. "But we seemed to have interrupted the flow of game-time, and have arrived in his stead. In the game, you were flung into the time of the Kingdom of Zeal, where you convinced the Queen that you were a mighty oracle."

"That false prophet... was me? From the future? And he merely wanted to destroy Lavos to save Schala and I from a terrible fate..."

"Yes," continued Codebreaker. "He was you. Anyway what then happened was Crono and his friends were flung to prehistoric times where they witnessed the coming of Lavos. When they entered the crater that he left from the impact, they found nothing more than a Time Gate—Lavos had already burrowed deep into the Earth. But that Time Gate led THEM to the time of Zeal. And the rest, as you probably know, is history. To you, at least. They rescued Melchior, went to the Ocean Palace, and attacked the Mammon Machine. Then Lavos appeared. He proceeded to drain your powers and kill Crono. With the last energy of Schala's pendant, she sent you and Crono's friends to safety. This place was the Last Village, as after Lavos had thrown you and the Gurus into Time Gates he proceeded to destroy the Kingdom of Zeal."

A look of utter horror then crossed Magus' face, as he realized just how terrifying Lavos was. Codebreaker continued to talk. "The result was that Zeal fell into the Ocean, creating a massive tidal wave that wiped out everything save one island. From then on the Earthbound Ones and the Enlightened Ones lived together, on that small island. Though Dalton survived and tried to take over, Crono's friends stopped him, destroyed the Blackbird, and then found you. Dalton was sucked into the very portal that he tried to summon his Golems from. Your mother, Queen Zeal, was immortal and could not die. She raised the Ocean Palace into the sky, though Crono and his friends stopped here and destroyed it."

"I thought you said Lavos killed Crono," said Magus.

"He did," continued Mason. "But his friends entered a Time Freeze at the moment he died and stuck a clone in his place. Anyway, this story is too long already. They killed Lavos, and we have a chance to do it now. In fact, that may be the only way to return to our world."

"I see...This is a lot to take in at once. This place looks quite barren; it may not be the best place to sleep," said Magus.

"On the contrary," said Mason. "Gaspar, the Guru of Time, is here. He would love to meet you. Meanwhile we should get some sleep."

While Mason and CB tried to sleep on the hard stone floor, Magus talked with Gaspar. Afterwards, he went to sleep.

When they all woke up, Mason led them into a room. In the room was a small little furry puffball. "Hello Spekkio," said Mason. We want to learn Magic."

"Hey, you can't do that just by ASKING! I have a test for you guys. Well except for that guy over there," Spekkio said, pointing at Magus. "He knows Shadow Magic and could probably teach ME a thing or two! Anyway, walk around the walls of my room, clockwise, three times, and I'll teach you magic." Codebreaker and Mason did as they were told, and each learned magic. Codebreaker learned Lightning magic and Mason learned Fire magic. Then the three left the room. Codebreaker led them to a bucket in the corner. A small temporal distortion could be seen within. "This," he started, "Leads to the mighty Lavos. We should probably get prepared. Mason, we need your Crossover palmtop." Mason handed it to Codebreaker, who did some quick work with it. "I can't believe we didn't think of this sooner..." he said, and a small battery appeared in midair. Several of them, actually. "These are super-batteries from the year 2300 AD. They should power this thing for a loooooooong time."

And with that, Codebreaker took out the old battery (which had just died again) and inserted one of the new ones. Mason pocketed the leftovers. The Codebreaker took out a large number of items from the Crossover. He gave Magus his best equipment (a Doom Sickle, a Gloom Helmet, and a Gloom Cape), and he and Mason each got a Prism Helmet and a set of Moon Armor. Then he drew out a Wondershot gun for Mason. CB held on to the Masamune. "Everyone ready?" he asked. "Then here we go!"

CB and Mason jumped into the bucket and were immediately sucked into the swirling vortex that had just appeared. Magus watched them go. "Lavos...I have waited decades for this moment...It ends now. Prepare to meet your doom!" he said. And with that he plunged in.

The three found themselves in a barren, rocky plain. They began walking north, when an earthquake made them stop.

"It's him..." said Mason.

"There's no turning back now..." said CB.

"And now I shall have my revenge..." said Magus.

They watched as the ground up ahead split, lava oozing from it. The crack grew larger, and larger, and finally the ground burst. Large chunks of rock floated in the air for a few moments, and then shot up out of sight. The Lavos rose up.

Codebreaker, Mason, and Magus found themselves face-to-face with the destroyer of worlds himself, the almighty immortal Lavos!

Dark T Zeratul

“Wait a second,” Phoenix said, just as Auspex’s computer glared with a big ‘THREE....’. The time intervals between the “seconds” on the computer were actually several seconds long. Almost four minutes had passed since they’d seen the ‘TEN’.

“What?” Auspex asked, turning from the screen to look at Phoenix.

“What are we doing here?” Phoenix said. “We WERE after Seawolf...why the sudden change of heart?”

Everyone else opened their mouths to speak, and then realized they had no idea what to say.

“Ummm...” Typhoon finally said. “Good question.”

“Yeah,” Auspex agreed. “Okay, well, we wait until this countdown is finished...” he paused for a moment as the ‘TWO....’ came up “see if this idea works, and then, regardless, we go get Seawolf.”

Everyone else nodded agreement and turned back to the screen.


“...this is the wait that has no end! It just goes on and on, my friend!” Seawolf sang through his own new version of ‘The Song That Has No End’ for the thirteenth time in his small dark cell. “I lost my shiiiiip and freedom at the hand of TGF! And when I get free I’ll give him a slow and painful death! This is the...”

Seawolf had been keeping himself quite busy since his message from Mark Brown, trying to keep himself from going nuts while waiting for his friends to come. He started with exercising, doing push-ups, sit-ups, and even jumping jacks to pass the time and keep himself ready for the hopefully-upcoming escape from this ship.

He’d then done a lot of thinking. He thought about much he wanted to go get him back. He thought about he missed her, too, and then, after feeling the immediate guilt that came after, he thought about the Hyperion. She’d been a great ship. Maybe there was a way that he could use a patch or plot contrivance or something to get her back later...but probably not.

All the more reason to make TGF pay.

After he’d done some thinking, he’d started making up new versions of some of the best time-passing songs. He’d sung through ‘99 Gauss Rifle Rounds On The Wall’ all the way from 99 down to 0. Then he’d started this song.

He was up to the fifteenth repetition when, without warning, the door to his cell flew open.

As he blinked and turned away to try and adjust to the sudden reintroduction of light to his eyes, he heard someone—no, TWO people—enter the room. He was yanked to his feet and practically pulled out of the cell and down the hall.

Still blinded, Seawolf saw little choice but to walk with them. They each had an arm in an iron grip...strong men, which was surely why TGF had sent them. Seawolf was no stranger to unarmed combat, and was no push-over in the area of physical strength, either. TGF surely knew that.

Seawolf suddenly wondered just how obsessed TGF was with getting the best of him. And he still hadn’t figured out WHY TGF wanted him so bad.

Another minute went by, and Seawolf found himself in a large room. He was finally getting his vision back enough to tell what was around him. The control panels and beeping instruments brought him to believe this was the bridge. As his two escorts spun him around the other way, his suspicion was proven correct.

He was staring right at the Nemesis’s main bridge viewscreen. And there, standing in front of it and grinning at him, was HIS nemesis: TGF.

Seawolf had half a mind to try to pull away from the two guards and make a leap at his foe, but he caught himself, logically realizing that that would likely be suicide.

“Welcome, Seawolf,” TGF beamed. “I trust you have found your stay thus far...pleasant? I wanted you to have the BEST of commodities as my way of thanking you for that little virus you ruined me with last time we ‘met’,” he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm so thick you could cut it with a psi blade.

‘So THAT’S it,’ Seawolf thought. ‘THAT’S why he wants to get me so bad.’ “What do you want, TGF?”

“Ah, quick and to the point. You’re so...predictable.” TGF shook his head before continuing. “I thought you might enjoy a stay here with me, so you can watch me destroy one of your would-be rescuers.” He turned to one of his officers. “Enhance image so that he can see, Makgraf.”

“Of course,” the officer replied, eyeing Seawolf before turning to his board and complying.

Seawolf looked up at the viewscreen as the image of a scout came into view. He recognized it instantly: the Havoc Wreaker. That meant Tarun. And he appeared to be alone.

“Now, the fun part,” TGF said, turning to the man named Makgraf again. “Destroy that ship. Nothing fancy, just blow it out of the sky.”

Makgraf nodded, smiled, and prepared to fire. Seawolf felt his stomach tighten and his eyes start to water as Makgraf reached for his board...

...and then they were all knocked to the floor as a sudden impact rocked the Nemesis.

Seawolf saw his opportunity at last. He leapt to his feet ahead of the others. He thought for a brief moment of attacking TGF, but he knew that he wouldn’t have the chance before the others were up and ready to retaliate again. So instead, he grabbed a Gauss Rifle from one of his two former escorts and ran out of the bridge.

He had just closed the door behind him when he heard gunshots hitting the other side. Thinking quickly, he aimed at the door opening panel and filled it with Gauss rounds. It probably wouldn’t hold them long, but hopefully long enough to find whoever was coming for him and get out of here.

He turned and ran, not really having a plan except to shoot anyone that got in his way.


“WHAT HAPPENED?!” TGF demanded.

“Missile impact,” Makgraf reported, scanning his board and sweating. “Looks like a cloaked ship got us, sir.”

‘A cloaked ship. That meant...’ “Bakjak,” TGF breathed.


Even as they watched, Bakjak and Tarun executed their plan perfectly. The Nemesis was hit over and over as the two scouts completed their runs, and the two made it to their targeted landing site. Seconds later, they were aboard, and the Havoc Wreaker and the Magius both launched away from the carrier, heading away from the battle in auto-pilot/auto-combat mode.

The first step of their rescue mission was done. Now, to find Seawolf....


How will Seawolf fare until he finds Tarun and Bakjak (and vice-versa)?

Who gets TGF? (SOMEBODY’S got to. Is it Inigo? Who?!)

Will the rescue be a success, or will the rest of the Alliance have to come save the trio?

Find out next time in...the Great VSP/WASTE Saga: Part III!!


Bakjak was staring at the entrance to the Nemesis. A sign was hung on the door that read, ‘Do NOT enter, please.’ "Tarun, what are we going to do? It nicely asks us NOT to enter!" he waved his arms around for emphasis.

"Leave your manners at home!" Tarun yelled furiously. "We've got a job to do."

"Ok," replied Bakjak, confused. He took a step back and kicked the door down. He heard a groan as if the door had toppled down on someone. Another groan echoed from underneath the door as he passed through. Bakjak knelt down and put a fresh clip into his M4A1 assault rifle; he pulled the charging handle back, then pushed it forward. He put on his sunglasses and suddenly looked badass.


Tarun stepped through the entrance, also hearing a loud groan, "OW! That was my spleen!" Just as he was about to examine the noise, a large detachment of troops rushed in.

Bakjak quickly took aim and fired off short bursts of concentrated fire. Shell casings were flying all around him until a click was heard. Bakjak rushed over to a container and knelt behind it. "Reload. Cover me!"

-=What's next in the VSP/WASTE Saga III?=-

What will Tarun do?

Will Seawolf become a cannibal and devour himself? (thus ending his misery)

Will Bakjak ever get good at asking questions at the end of his story sections?

Only time will tell!!!


Magus, Codebreaker, and Mason stared right into the big ugly eye of the evil Lavos. The eye stared back at them. Mason decided to have some fun. He walked over and flicked it with his fingers, right in the pupil. Lavos screeched so loud that Mason was flung back towards CB and Magus, sliding along the ground the entire way. Lavos frowned (as well as one can with only a single eye that happens to be within their mouth) and got pissed.

Dark T Zeratul

The day glowed with its own quiet beauty. The blue sky was clear except for the lazy clouds that drifted through the air, plodding along on their way to destinations unknown. The air was crisp and fresh, filled with the heady aroma of life, love, and all things good. The sun was out and shone down with benevolent grace upon a world that was just a little bit happier because of this wonderful day.

But deep within the confines of Mark Brown's home, a dark figure was silently brooding. His hands were clenched into fists, his eyes cold and lifeless, and his entire body radiating an aura of bitterness and disgust. Deos Arcana stood behind Mark Brown, observing the going-ons of the Saga and gritting his teeth in frustrated rage.

Mark merely shook his head sadly and replied to his unspoken thoughts. “It's not your fault, Deos. What will be, will be. Be glad that you were able to help out in whatever way you could.”

Deos quivered with impotent rage and snarled, “But it wasn't enough, was it? Things are continuing to spiral down into chaos. Codebreaker and Mason are now stuck in the Chrono Trigger universe, Auspex still hasn't been able to break through the Crossover, WASTE is caught between rescuing Seawolf or Mason, the VSP crew is trying to regain the Millennium Falcon, and everything is going to Hell in a Handbasket!”

Mark Brown quipped, “Will there be biscuits?”

At Deos' glare, Mark replied “Whoa, just trying to lighten the mood. Look Deos, much as we both want to help them out, some things they will have to resolve themselves. As the Narrator, I cannot directly intervene every time there's a problem. Just calm down and trust in them.”

Deos stalked away angrily and plopped down in front of his computer. Staring at the Portal program, which just beckoned to be used, Deos murmured to himself. “Trust in them all you want Mark, but I need to be where the action is.”

And without a further word, he activated his program and slipped back into the Saga.


Meanwhile, aboard the Nemesis (the ship, not the person)


Bakjak and Tarun were slowly but steadily making their way through the innards of the Nemesis. Wave after wave of soldiers came rushing to the ship's defense, only to meet a grisly demise from Tarun's warp blades or being ripped to shreds by Bakjak's assault rifle. But the battle was taking its toll on the two warriors as well. Time and again a bullet would slip through, or a blast of fire would graze one of them. As they approached the crew quarters about halfway into the ship, they both realized they were in serious trouble.

“This is all your fault, Bakjak. Your stupid plan is failing miserably,” Tarun snapped as he brought down another marine with his shoulder-mounted cannon.

“Hey, how was I supposed to know TGF had invested in Auto-Respawn triggers?” Bakjak replied as he mowed down a cluster of firebats, ducking as the ensuing explosion sent an arm flying past his head.

Tarun turned to poke Bakjak in the chest. “Well you could've thought this plan out a little better, you moron!”

Bakjak shoved Tarun in return. “Back off, jerk. You could've been a little more useful in the design phase anyway. All you did was smile and nod!”

The two continued to argue and shove at each other for a while, before their fighting degenerated into a full out brawl.

Tarun socked Bakjak in the gut and delivered an overhand chop to his back. Bakjak returned by tackling Tarun head on and slamming him into the ground.

As the two fighters continued to mercilessly beat on each other, the Nemesis defenders slowly but surely began to surround the two, until there was a giant crowd watching the fight.

Of course, people were betting on the outcome.

Finally, a grizzled lieutenant barked some orders to his men to line up and then turned to the two men still fighting. “Hey boys! If you don't mind, we'd like to capture you two now!”

As one, Tarun and Bakjak whirled on the lieutenant and his men and screamed “SHUT UP!” before unleashing a salvo of weapons fire that very nearly blew a hole in the wall.

After a few choice blinks, Tarun and Bakjak looked at the crater where once stood a pack of marines, looked at each other, and grinned sheepishly.

Bakjak was the first to speak up. “Guess we should get back to the mission at hand.”

Tarun nodded slowly and replied “Yeah, I think we best put our fight on hold.”

So saying, the two carefully stepped over the bloody mess they'd made on the floor and continued their journey to save Seawolf.


Elsewhere on the Nemesis


Seawolf felt very proud of himself. The prediction that had been haunting him for...Days? Weeks?...had been false after all. Even though Tarun and his friend were coming to save him, in the end he was going to bust himself out of here. Things were definitely looking up.

Seawolf rounded the corner only to smash into TGF and his men.

TGF grinned wickedly. “Well well well, look who decided to show up. It was very naughty of you to try and escape, Seawolf. You're my guest, and a guest should never leave without saying good-bye.”

Seawolf gaped in astonishment and managed to stammer out a reply. “But, how did you get here? I left you trapped in the bridge!”

TGF merely shook his head. “Oh Seawolf, you foolish boy. Don't you remember I have a teleporter installed on this ship? I can transfer myself and others anywhere I want. It was child's play to predict your moves and intercept you. And now, you're coming with us.”

Seawolf gritted his teeth and raised his newly acquired Gauss Rifle to fire. “If I die, I'm taking you to Hell with me!” He tried to pull the trigger, but was suddenly spun around as a terrible jolt nearly yanked his arm out of its socket. As he sprawled to the floor and nursed his injured arm, he looked to his left to see the Gauss Rifle pinned to the wall by a series of spines...Hydralisk spines.

With a vicious roar that sounded like a combination of noisy static and nails on a chalk-board, a robotic Hydralisk slithered into the light.

“Forgot about my RoboZerg, didn't you Seawolf?”

Seawolf merely scrambled to his feet and turned to run, only to see a pack of Hydralisks behind him as well. His shoulders sagged in defeat. He had been beaten...again.

“Now you're coming with us, dear FRIEND, and you're not escaping this time.” TGF put a vice-grip on Seawolf's right arm, cackling evilly as he escorted him back to the bridge.


What dire fate awaits Seawolf?

Who would win in a fight between Tarun and Bakjak?

What will become of Deos?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

All these questions and more answered in the next episode of...The VSP/WASTE SAGA!!!

Deos Arcana

Tarun and Bakjak made their way through the eerily empty corridors of the Nemesis. As they approached a seemingly inactive console on the wall, Tarun stopped and went over to it while Bakjak continued walking for a bit.

"Tarun, any idea where we are?" Bakjak asked.

No answer.

"Tarun, you think you're a Dark Templar or something?" Bakjak asked, only to receive no answer again.

"Damnit...TARUN!" Bakjak yelled as he turned and saw that Tarun was nowhere to be seen. He shrugged and went on by himself.


Meanwhile, Tarun was at the console I told you about earlier, remember? The one on the wall that was seemingly inactive? You gotta remember! Bah, read up and if you forget again it isn't my problem. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah.

Tarun was at the console and, as his Saga persona is that of a Zealot and all, knew immediately how to get the console to work. So in a few moments he had the entire technical readout of the Nemesis brought up.

"Hmm...interesting..." Tarun said, a hint of dark intent in his voice. He transferred the data to his personal data storage unit and took off down the corridor.

In a matter of moments he was within earshot of TGF and Seawolf. He remained around the corner for a moment, listening.

"Seawolf, you don't think that your "friends" will actually succeed in rescuing you, do you?" TGF asked, a smirk on his face.

At that moment the men behind TGF went toppling over, the dead body of a marine laying on top of them. TGF whirled around.

Seawolf looked over to see a figure in the shadows. At first nothing could be seen, then slowly a pale blue glow emanated from several points of the figure. They glowed brighter, and the highest two became a dark shade of crimson. A low guttural snarl was heard as Psi blades ignited and disruptor cannons charged. The figure roared as he lunged forward at the group of marines, killing them faster than zerglings being hatched at warp speed.

"Nice to see you alive, Seawolf!" he yelled as he fired volley after volley of disruptor fire at the RoboZerg.

"Great to see you, Tarun!" Seawolf shouted as he picked up a C-10 and fired at the RoboZerg as well.

In a few moments the RoboZerg were reduced to a pile of hissing, growling scrap metal.

Seawolf looked around and shouted, "WHERE ARE YOU, TGF?!?!?!" Tarun looked around for TGF, but he was nowhere to be seen. Seawolf cursed.

"Seawolf, we need to get to the bridge. I have a plan," Tarun said, already running off to the bridge. Seawolf quickly followed the battle-crazed Zealot.


Will Tarun and Seawolf survive this ordeal?

What is Tarun doing?

Where'd Bakjak wander off to?

Will anyone answer my questions? Please?


Seawolf followed Tarun as they dashed madly through corridors and past locked doors. Tarun would occasionally glance at his copy of the Nemesis' structural blueprint to make sure they were on the right course. So far, so good. Seawolf couldn't help but notice the rust and dirt on the floor and many of the doors as they ran along. He had never let the Hyperion get like that. 'Well,' he reflected, 'there was that one time when Flyspeck had tried to make pretzel-flavored ice cream, and Zeratul had ended up flinging it all over the floor of the mess room in his anger at its awful taste.' Seawolf smiled faintly at the memory. Good old Flyspeck, and Zeratul...would he ever see his friends again? He hoped that he would. And why had Tarun seemingly come alone? Where was the rest of WASTE, and for that matter, the VSP?

Soon he was forced to shove such thoughts to the back of his mind, and concentrate on the present situation. They were nearly to the bridge.


TGF wanted to scream in his anger and frustration. Even now, Seawolf was slipping through his fingers. Would he never be able to have his revenge!? TGF forced himself to calm down, knowing that anger didn't offer a solution to his problem. And now that he thought about it, he was pretty sure he knew where the two WASTErs were headed. The only place they could go to release the tractor beams now securing Bakjak's and Tarun's ships in place, so that Seawolf could escape on the Havoc Wreaker.

Quickly, TGF issued orders to his men. And he made sure to tell them to bring the RoboZerg along. TGF smiled to himself. The hunt was on.


Seawolf stood back as Tarun aimed his Disruptor Cannon at the main bridge access door. With a resounding boom, the blast of energy blew open the door, startling everyone on the bridge. As Seawolf and Tarun stepped through the door, the technicians' eyes went wide. Nearby, someone cursed loudly. "It's WASTE!"

Tarun stepped up to the man who had spoken. "That's right, and we're VERY good at what we do." He forced the man's chin up, teasing it with his Psi Blade. "Now, you have 30 seconds to show me how to work this console. Or else..." He let the threat hang in the air. The technician, in the grip of terror, began talking very rapidly, careful to explain everything, lest he incur Tarun's wrath.

Seawolf let his gaze sweep over the room. Everyone on the bridge had gone back to their various jobs, not wanting to be caught staring at the WASTE members. Suddenly, the comm unit crackled to life on one of the technician's stations. The man nervously thumbed the on switch. TGF's voice came though loud and clear.

"Johnson, I want you to seal the access doors to the bridge. After that, arm yourselves with your standard Gauss pistols, and be ready. Intruders should be there any time now, and I DON'T want them getting in."

The technician swallowed hard. "Uh, sir? There's something you should know..." He never got to finish his sentence. Seawolf crossed over to the console and unloaded a few C-10 rounds into the comm unit. The man at the station jumped back in surprise.

Seawolf's voice was deceptively calm. "You almost made a very serious mistake there. A VERY serious mistake. I hope you understand that."

The technician's head bobbed up and down dumbly.

Across the room, Tarun called over to him. "Hey, Seawolf, I think I've got the hang of this thing!"


Where is Bakjak?

Will Tarun and Seawolf find some way to escape?

Will TGF ever get his revenge?

WHAT is happening with the VSP???

Find out next time when the VSP/WASTE Saga continues!