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The Great VSP Saga:
Part III

Revenge of the Good Guys

Table of Contents

Part III

Chapter 8: What Goes Around...

After a few minutes went by, Seawolf, guarding the door, spotted a lone figure with a nasty-looking gun approaching.

“Um...” Seawolf started. “Tarun?”

“Yeah,” the zealot replied, still typing away at the console.


“I just need a few more many?”

“Just one,” Seawolf said, raising his newly-acquired rifle.

“One?” Tarun said, thinking. ‘Could it be...?’

“It looks like Bakjak,” Seawolf said quietly. He prepared to fire.

“No, wait!” Tarun shouted, running over. “He’s on our side now!”

Seawolf stared at him. “BAKJAK, a Good Guy?!” He could hardly believe it.

“Yes, as a matter of fact,” Bakjak replied from the hall. “You know, you guys aren’t real good at talking quietly.”

“But...but...Good Guy?...but...” Seawolf was very confused, looking back and forth between Bakjak and Tarun with his brow furrowed.

“Long story,” Bakjak said, entering the room. “What happened to you, Tarun?”

“SHORT story, but I’ll tell you later. Right now I gotta...” he trailed off as he went back to the console.

“Gotta what?” Bakjak asked Seawolf.

Seawolf shrugged. “Hasn’t told me. Just help me guard the door for now, okay?”

“Sure,” Bakjak replied. “Oh yeah, by the way...” He reached behind his back and his arm came back into view with a very peculiar, and very familiar, Gauss Rifle in it. “Yours, I believe.”

Seawolf took his customized rifle, smiling broadly. It was a little scorched, but otherwise intact. He cocked it and brought it up, its familiar feel making him give a little sigh. “I thought it was destroyed for sure...where’d you find it?”

“In the wreckage of the Hyperion.” Bakjak paused as Seawolf made a sad frown at being reminded of his lost ship, but it quickly faded and Bakjak continued. “Happened to stumble across it while looking for my scout.”

“Lemme guess...a scout with cloaking ability?”

Bakjak stared. “How’d you know?”

“Because he and I both witnessed your surprise attack,” a new voice said from the doorway. Seawolf and Bakjak had been so wrapped up in conversation they’d forgotten to watch the door. They both whirled around and raised their guns, and Tarun shot out of his chair surprisingly fast and ignited his blades, staring with the other two at the door.

There stood TGF with a C-10 in his hands and Makgraf (holding a Gauss Rifle) and a practical legion of men and RoboZerg behind him.

TGF looked at each of the three Good Guys, one by one. “Please, gentlemen, do put down your weapons. My troops and I do not take kindly to having instruments of death pointed at us.”

Instead of complying, Seawolf spun with his Gauss Rifle in front of him, catching TGF in the jaw with the butt of the rifle. TGF stumbled back into the hall, and before any of the Nemesis’s crew had time to react, Bakjak slapped the door control and the thick metal door slid closed, with TGF and all his troops on the other side.

Tarun quickly sat back down at the console. “That’s gotta hold em for a couple more minutes,” he said hurriedly while typing away.

“Can’t they just teleport in?” Seawolf asked, still staring at the door.

“Not anymore,” Tarun replied. “First thing I did here was disable the teleportation system.”

“Aaaaah,” Seawolf and Bakjak said together.

They both walked over to watch whatever Tarun was doing, hoping it was good, and make sure none of the bridge crew decided to aid their comrades trapped outside. The door was already beginning to creak with strain from the forces trying to break through.



Lambda Corps was sweating. He’d won the Starcraft 64 game with Little Timmy, having learned from the last time he’d played to use the split screen to his advantage rather than letting the other player use it to take advantage of HIM. But Timmy had been victorious in WWF Smackdown, defeating him with, ironically enough, Mason Rockwell’s twin: The Rock.

And now, Lambda was losing in Pokemon 64. Not nearly as badly as the last time Timmy had played a Posse member in the game, but things were still beginning to look bleak.

‘I have to win,’ he thought. ‘I just HAVE to.’

But he was playing Timmy in a game with which Timmy was clearly the superior player, being the big-time Pokemon fan that he was.

Lambda Corps put all his attention back on the task at hand. The ownership of the Millennium Falcon, and quite possibly Seawolf’s life, depended on it.


Outside the Falcon, Odin’s Eye, MysteriousGuy, Endarire, Spooky, and Nemesis (the new VSP guy, not the carrier) were sweating too, for very similar reasons.

Mack Kilimaro was, frankly, getting his butt whooped.

Mack had volunteered to fight the giant known as Sam, since he was the most experienced in close-up, one-on-one combat. But he was used to using flamethrowers, not his fists, and it showed.

The other five Posse members cringed as Mack was slammed bodily into one of the landing struts of the Falcon. Sam smiled victoriously as Mack slumped to the ground, blood coming from his nose and a few gashes on his face. Mack clawed at the ground and struggled, vainly, to get back his feet.

Sam turned to the rest of the Posse. “Man, you all really DO suck,” he said, laughing. The fivesome felt rage building inside them, but Sam was pointing his pistol back in Mack’s direction, so they resisted their desire to pounce on the beast of a man. Sam continued. “So who’s next? How about you, mysterious one?” he asked MysteriousGuy. “Or you, wussy poet?” he taunted Endarire. “Or the new guy?” he nodded at Nemesis. “Or how about YOU, baby?” he said, eying Spooky. “I bet I could show you some VERY special wrestling moves...maybe a PRIVATE session back at my place....”

“THAT...” a voice said from behind him, “ enough!”

Sam turned just in time to see Mack’s fist fly forward, landing squarely on his jaw. Sam tried to counter, but Mack was now being driven by something better than raw strength: rage. He just kept coming in, fists flying with a non-stop volley of punches and jabs and uppercuts that drove Sam backwards. Finally, Sam got in a good hit of his own, landing a punch in Mack’s midsection that sent him sprawling to the ground.

Sam grinned and prepared to finish him off, balling his fist up and bringing it down...

But Mack was ready this time. He viciously knocked Sam’s arm aside and brought his leg up at the same instant, catching the stooping Sam right in between his eyes with the heel of his boot.

Sam went literally flying off his feet. He was unconscious long before he fell back to the ground.

The other five cheered and rushed over to help Mack up just as Lambda came out of the Falcon, alone.

“Where’s Timmy?” Odin asked.

Lambda grinned. “Out,” he said, noticing Sam lying on the ground. “Looks like they’re BOTH out.”

“Huh?” MysteriousGuy asked, obviously confused. “I thought you two were playing games, not fighting.”

“That’s what HE thought,” Lambda said, a grin returning to his face. “The little punk won two out of three, so I just slugged him and that was the end of it.”

The others laughed.

“Now,” Lambda said. “All aboard! We need to get back to the others and go get Seawolf. I just hope it’s not too late....”

The Posse dumped Timmy next to his brother, climbed into the Falcon and the PossePlane, and were off.


The rest of the Good Guys had been overjoyed to discover that the Uber Update did indeed allow them to access the Crossover. Finally, they had a way to go get Mason! Auspex and Desler had quickly compiled the whole thing onto a disk which they labeled ‘Uber Update Patch’.

The two groups ran to meet each other, and the VSP QUICKLY explained what had happened. Then the Posse loaded into the PossePlane, Desler and the TAC crew climbed into the arbiter Judicator, Dark_T_Zeratul climbed into his newly acquired Corsair, the Thanatos, and the rest of WASTE and the others made their way into the Millennium Falcon.

The three ships lifted off. It was time, finally, to start taking revenge.

The revenge of the Good Guys.


Um...I’m running out of good questions. So just tune in next time to The Great VSP/WASTE Saga: Part III...Revenge Of The Good Guys!!!


Mason fired again. This battle was getting tiring, and his weapon was not all that useful. He had always hated the Wondershot; its "random damage" attribute made it too wimpy on the whole for a good 'ultimate' weapon. He called out to Codebreaker above the sound of battle. "Why is it that you get a cool sword and I only have this silly gun? I'm the one with the warrior-mage alter-ego."

"Yeah, but unless you can reboot yourself as Jorlass or something, it won't do you too much good."

Mason considered trying this for a moment, but decided not to. The Plot was fragged badly enough as it is. Instead, he called to CB "Fire Sword 2!"

Codebreaker heard him, and jumped high in the air. Mason launched a blast of fire at CB, which he caught on his sword. Brandishing his flaming sword like an avenging angel, CB swooped down, slicing four times at Lavos's outer shell. Mason shook his head to clear it; the mana drain for that spell was pretty strong. Magus blasted Lavos with a Dark Bomb, hitting it right in the eye. This produced another howl of pain from the beast. Mason and CB did Fire Sword 2 again, finally finishing Lavos off after about a quarter of an hour's fighting. But they knew that this was not all; there was plenty more to the alien inside the massive shell.

Magus quickly walked through the hole. Mason hesitated. "Are you sure we should do that? The battle just gets worse inside. We should look for a way to get back to Antioch."

"Lavos is the source of the Time Gates, remember?" said CB. "If we defeat him, we can harness that power and use it to return."

Mason frowned and reluctantly followed Magus. He'd spent plenty of time in the last two Parts of the VSP Saga fighting for his life, but he wasn't sure his level was high enough to beat Lavos. "Hey Magus, wait up. You have any Megalixirs?"

Magus handed him one, and he drank about a third of it. He gave the bottle to CB, then Magus, and the team was refreshed. They headed onward, towards the second battle with Lavos.


The door burst open and a large group of TGF's guards poured in.

Seawolf, Tarun, and Bakjak raised their weapons and prepared to fight their way out. Tarun's disruptor cannons vaporized several Marines and Firebats. This was all the distraction Seawolf and Bakjak needed. They fired their weapons into the fray.

Seawolf suddenly realized that he had no armor. He didn't have time to ponder this sudden realization, though. He fired full tilt. A Firebat raced up to attack him, but Seawolf brained him with the Gauss Rifle, knocking him out.

Another blast from Tarun's disruptor, and the guards were all gone. Now RoboZerg began to pour through the doorway. Seawolf picked off several RoboZerglings, waiting for Tarun's next disruptor blast. ‘3... 2... 1... 0... -1???’ It never came. He looked over his shoulder and saw Tarun typing at the panel. "What are you doing?!?"

"Keep firing!" yelled Tarun.

Suddenly, Seawolf found himself alone in a docking bay. Alone, that is, except for Tarun and Bakjak. Tarun had somehow managed to hack into the teleporter.


The tractor beam had been released, and the teleporter control program virused by Tarun. The docking bay doors were locked. Bakjak used his remote control to bring the Magius and the Havoc Wreaker in. The ships flew into the bay just as Tarun returned to his two comrades. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Right when nothing can possibly go wrong is usually when something goes horribly wrong. This time was no exception.

Right as they were about to climb into the ships, the *click* of a C-10 Rifle being loaded broke the silence. Suddenly, both ships were locked down. "Stay right where you are," came a disembodied female voice.

Tarun recognized the voice and whirled around in time to see the speaker decloak.

It was Aklan.


As the four Good Guy ships headed for the Nemesis, the Judicator suddenly came to a halt. The pilots of the other three ships stopped and hailed Auspex to ask why he had stopped.

"This guy just appeared on my bridge and told me to stop," he said into the intercom.

Suddenly Zeus recognized the 'this guy'. "He's the one who brought me back to life!"

"So, who are you and what do you want?" Desler demanded.

"Seawolf's already been rescued. Mason and Codebreaker need your help right now. They're about to face something they could never survive without you. Use the Uber Update Patch."

"How did you know about that?" Ytse asked.

"I am Deos Arcana, Mark Brown's assistant. Right now Codebreaker and Mason are stuck in the Chrono Trigger universe."

"Chrono Trigger?" asked Zeratul over the commline. "How'd they get there? And why should we use the Update patch then?"

"Just trust me, OK? I know how to get you from the Antioch Universe to where Mason and CB are."

"You sure Seawolf's OK?" Lucainan inquired.

"Well...sorta. Tarun and Bakjak are rescuing him right now."

Auspex still wasn't completely sure this was the right thing to do right now, but he activated the Uber Update Patch and the three ships were thrown through the Crossover into the Antioch universe.


Will Seawolf, Tarun, and Bakjak get away safely?

Will the rest of the heroes arrive in time to help CB, Mason, and Magus beat Lavos?

What will happen to Magus once the CT stuff is over?

All heroes must survive.

Mason Wheeler

"Aklan, this wasn't a part of the deal," said Bakjak. "You locked down my ship. I was supposed to be free to go after you caught these men."

"What are you talking about?" inquired Seawolf.

"TGF has no need of losers like yourself, Bakjak. He withdrew the money that was being transferred to your account," Aklan laughed. "You are going to die, just like Seawolf and Tarun."

‘I played the good guys like a fiddle and now I'm getting played’, thought a pissed-off Bakjak. He rushed at Aklan and brought the butt of his assault rifle down at her head. She quickly caught him in the gut, causing him to double over and cough up blood. Bakjak quickly regained composure and backed off. He brought up his M4 assault rifle and aimed it at Aklan while keeping his eye on Seawolf and Tarun.

Bakjak knew that the Good Guys would probably never trust him again. He needed an egress and he needed it fast.


Tarun let out a guttural snarl.

"How could you...?" he demanded of Aklan.

"Very easily, actually," she calmly replied.

Tarun snarled and backflipped. Aklan immediately opened fire at him, but missed. He landed behind Havoc Wreaker and began tearing his Zealot Power Suit off, and all weapons with it...psi blades and shoulder-mounted disruptor cannons alike. Aklan laughed.

"What's wrong? Afraid you'll hurt me if you hit me? Or are you just to damn chivalric for your own good?" she asked tauntingly.

"Actually..." Tarun said as he leaped over Havoc Wreaker, landing on the other side of the Scout in a Lancer suit with twin blades as opposed to the standard single blade Lancers usually use. "...I'm not afraid of hurting you," he finished as his eyes went black. He shook his head back towards the right, flinging his nerve appendages over his shoulder and behind his back. Aklan merely smirked and fired a C-10 round into his chest, mortally wounding the stalwart warrior.

Tarun gasped and held his chest as he fell to his knees, then slumped over, gurgling.

Seawolf shouted at the top of his lungs and fired his Gauss at Aklan, but she was already cloaking and running out of the hanger.

Bakjak rushed over to Tarun and tried to help the dying Zealot into Havoc Wreaker's cockpit. Despite himself, he knew he was a Good Guy now...he really had little choice. And his adventuring with Tarun had created a strange bond between him and the Zealot that made him sincerely sad to see the hero dying.

Seawolf came over to look at his friend. "Tarun..." he somberly said, and then looked at Bakjak, his anger over Bakjak’s betrayal completely forgotten, and asked quietly, "Will he be ok?" Bakjak shook his head slowly.

Tarun looked at Seawolf and said to him “Avenge me, my friend...don't let my sacrifice be in vain...bring her...back to our side...or to justice..." He slumped down, not moving, not breathing. The mighty Zealot of WASTE had passed on.

Seawolf climbed into the cramped cockpit of the Wreaker, having moved Tarun's body to the co-pilot seat. He and Bakjak blasted out of the Nemesis as an announcement from the central computer came on the onboard comm system.

"Alert, alert, self-destruct sequence activated." The computer's voice changed to that of the only one who was able to hack into the system.

"Hey TGF, this self-destruct is courtesy of Tarun in honor of the Hyperion, so SHOVE IT!"

The Magius and Havoc Wreaker screamed out of the hanger at top speed, escape pods jettisoning from the Nemesis. Seawolf smiled faintly, knowing that his friend Tarun had not only rescued him, but also avenged the Hyperion.

The two scouts approached the Judicator and the other Good Guy ships. ‘The gang’s all here, eh?’ Seawolf thought.

"Judicator, come in. This is Seawolf piloting the Havoc Wreaker. Get out of range of the Nemesis, it's going to blow."


Is this the end of TGF?

Who will mourn the death of the beloved battle-crazed Zealot?

Will anyone know of his sacrifice?

Will I get a nice ceremony? (NO! PLEASE DON'T DO THAT! I got plans for me in the future. ;) )

These and more in the Great VSP/WASTE Saga!!!!!


The Havoc Wreaker and the Magius flew right towards the Judicator. They didn't even wait for the Judicator to move, they wanted to get out of there.

But as they were getting right alongside it, a portal suddenly opened around them, plunging them into the fourth dimension. The thrusters on both the Magius and the Wreaker suddenly stopped, jerking Bakjak and Seawolf forward in their respective Scouts. The whole thing was incredibly disorienting. Then, just as quickly as they had entered the portal, they exited, appearing in front of what appeared to be a giant turtle shell covered with big sharp spikes. There was a large, gaping hole in the front, and they saw some figures entering it. Two they recognized as Mason Wheeler and Codebreaker. The other was a caped figure holding a scythe.

Dark_T_Zeratul got onto the comlink. "Land the ships. And make sure that you're all properly equipped. This battle is gonna get ugly." Everyone complied, including Seawolf and Bakjak, who were completely clueless about the entire situation. They all got out of their ships and gathered in front of the giant shell.

Seawolf was reunited with everyone amidst tears of joy, and Bakjak demanded to know what was going on. He was quickly informed. Then Seawolf delivered the grim news to everyone: Tarun was dead, murdered by his former love, Aklan. Of course, the Nemesis had presumably exploded and she was presumably dead, but true evil would never die.

After a silent reverie, Zeratul spoke up. "We need to go in there and help those three. Only a few can enter, and those few MUST be prepared for death. I will go. Who will join me?”

The group talked amongst themselves, and a decision was made. First, Deos Arcana entered the shell and talked with the trio to tell them that help was on the way. He caught them just as they were walking into Lavos' Heart, to do battle with the true form of the accursed abomination. After Deos left (Mark Brown had insisted that he not interfere in any major way), he went over to Tarun's body to see what could be done.

Dark_T_Zeratul entered the shell, followed by MysteriousGuy, Zeus Legion, Flare, and Mack Kilimaro. The rest stayed behind with Tarun.

Once inside, they met up with Mason, CB, and the third figure. They were now just inside the shell, sitting under a large tent. A small fire was burning nearby, blood and ichor slowly oozing around it from the internal wound it was inflicting upon Lavos. Apparently Codebreaker had used Mason's Crossover Palmtop to summon a Shelter and restore their strength, since there was a save point just inside the shell. The entire group got to know each other, especially the mysterious third figure, Magus.

After figuring out what events had happened, they analyzed their current situation. Codebreaker summoned more Prism Helmets and Moon Armor for everybody, though they all opted to hold onto their present weapons (except for Mason, who quite willingly zapped the WonderShot back into the Crossover in exchange for the more powerful Rainbow Sword). Then they devised a strategy to defeat their adversary. Mason explained it to everyone.

"The Lavos we face now is going to be incredibly powerful. He is a large green body, with a head and arms, fused with the, er, floor. There are many tough tubes connecting him with the rest of this creature. First, we attack and destroy the left arm. This is because the left arm can heal the main body, which we ultimately need to destroy. Then we destroy the other arm. But don't expect Lavos to be defenseless without his arms. He will lower his defense, but only so that he can use his entire slew of powerful attacks. Once we go in, there's no turning back. This creature has many attacks when his arms are gone, so be prepared. One attack he uses is a fire attack. This should be pretty useless against us, so don't worry about it. Another attack he uses is a poison gas cloud. Don't breath in and you'll be fine. He will also hit us with a chaotic power surge, trying to turn us against each other. Whatever you do, try to resist. If you happen to become confused, we will try to help. After all of this, he uses his ultimate attack: The Shadow Doom Blaze. This will create a dark flame around the entire area, burning us all. Magus has several Megalixirs, though, so we can recover. After Lavos does that attack, he will use Evil Emanation to increase his attack power. We MUST, at all costs, destroy him before he completes a second cycle. We may not be strong enough to survive. Everybody clear? Got your weapons ready? Good. Let's go!"

The group got up, readied their weapons, and entered the Heart of the immortal being known as Lavos...


Lavos was was not doing anything at the present moment. So Mason decided to have some more fun (this time, though, in a much less dangerous way). He took a CD player out of his pocket and pressed some buttons on the front. "Just loading a preset CD track," said Mason, as everybody stared at him. "You see, this isn't just any old CD player. This is the CD Recorder 2000. It can record and store up to 15 songs in its database, ready for recall at any time. I just loaded the song World Revolution, from the Chrono Trigger soundtrack. It's the same song that plays when you fight this thing in the game. It makes this grim ordeal seem a bit more... fun, in a way."

As the music started, Lavos woke up. He spotted them and—you guessed it!—he got pissed.


Will the group survive this Fated Hour?

What Lies Beyond?

Is this some sort of Unnatural Selection?

Lavos Beckons...

Dark T Zeratul

Even TGF had little idea what was going on. His ship was set to explode and Bakjak was a good guy now...and according to his intelligence the VSP was fighting LAVOS.

He looked at Makgraf. "What the hell is going on here?!"

"Ship's set to explode and it looks like Seawolf and Bakjak have escaped. Not sure about Tarun though..." Makgraf replied.

"Curse it all!" TGF cried. "Have our ten best pilots meet us in Launch Bay 14, we'll take the Advanced Wraiths."

"But sir!" Makgraf replied, "The ship! We can't just..."

"If you would like to die here, Makgraf, you are welcome to it. Order an evacuation. We'll meet..." TGF considered, "At Base Z-012."

Makgraf smiled at that suggestion. "Yes sir!"

Ten minutes later TGF led his Advanced Wraith squadron out of the Nemesis. When TGF looked back all he saw was a brilliant flash.

The Nemesis was no more.


Far away from the reunited Good Guys, Kurt Broker smiled.

Wheeler had been right here, and appeared to have tried to break in. What he hadn’t known was that Broker had been more than ready. Using his knowledge of the Crossover, he’d managed to make a small but very stable Time Gate. His cameras installed in the lobby had shown Mason and Codebreaker (Broker was still trying to figure out how CB had ended up there) walk right into his trap. He knew that the two heroes had ended up right in the middle of the very dangerous universe of Chrono Trigger. With any luck, they were dead by now.

If not, Broker had an even better Plan B. He now had the DragonSlayer, which he had made sure was captured, intact, rather than destroyed. He knew that if Mason had survived, he would be back for his ship. And if any of the other Good Guys came for Mason, they would also find the DragonSlayer via the emergency signal he had made sure it was now transmitting and also come right into his clutches.

Everything was going perfectly. Forget revenge of the Good Guys. It was time for HIS revenge.


And even farther away, the glowing archon known as Nannoth/Taeradun was also smiling (as best as an archon can smile). The Good Guys were now fighting Lavos, he knew. It had taken little to get Lavos to ally with him, and though the creature was more confident in himself than Nannoth/Taeradun might like, he was most useful. If all went well, at least a couple heroes would die before Lavos fell.

And then Nannoth/Taeradun and his white armor-clad Scion warriors would take care of the rest.


TGF, too, was vowing to rid the galaxy of the Good Guys. He had lost both his nemesises—his carrier and Seawolf—in one shot.

But he still had his base, still a formidable space-borne fortress even after being deserted by Broker so long ago. And little did the Good Guys know it, but TGF still had a massive force of RoboZerg—both ground-based and air-based—at his disposal, and still maintained a reduced but formidable number of loyal troops, sworn to bringing the Alliance down.

And best of all, he had learned that Aklan had killed Tarun. She had escaped from the Nemesis in an escape pod to report to him, and he was happy to still have her around. He also still had his master hacker, Ruaquick1, and his faithful top man, Makgraf.

No, TGF was not defeated yet. Not by a long shot. He had some revenge to get in, too....


Will the heroes survive the assault on Lavos?

Afterwards, will they be able to deal with all the enemies that want a piece of them?

I sure hope so, because this IS, after all, The Revenge Of The Good Guys! Tune in next time!


The battle raged on within Lavos, fierce as ever. It's right arm lay severed on the ground, thrashing and bleeding profusely, until Mason plunged the Rainbow Sword through it. It stopped moving as Lavos screamed. Apparently the blade had sunk into the flesh around this foul creature they were fighting.

After severing it's other arm, the group braced themselves for an incredibly powerful battle.

As a large cloud of poisonous gas was sprayed out of the creature's mouth-like flap, the Good Guys held their breath. Once that passed, the Chaotic Zone hit them. They barely survived being confused.

Once that was over, they forgot defense entirely and concentrated on offense. Dark_T_Zeratul hacked away at it with his DarkScythe. Magus cast Magic Wall on each of them for protection, then drank a HyperEther and cast wave after wave of Dark Bombs. Mason cast Flare, while Codebreaker cast Luminaire. The others just kept attacking with their respective weapons.

Lavos didn't even stand a chance, and eventually screamed so loud that the entire group was flung back against the fleshy wall. Lavos' breathing became erratic. There was a bright flash of light, and Lavos screamed...

Eventually the piercing sound died away, and the light subsided. The group stared at what was left, and saw a small, bleeding hole in the ground. There were ripped tubes hanging from the ceiling, fluid oozing out of them. Sitting on the hole was what appeared to be a smaller version of what they had just been fighting, though it was still surrounded in bright light. The creature they had just fought was gone, as were its arms. The creature on the hole sprouted arms, then legs. Then the light around it dissipated. It was a small humanoid alien creature. It had gray skin, and three fingers on each hand. It had three toes on each foot, and they were webbed. It was wearing what appeared to be golden armor and a space helmet. The helmet had a transparent purple visor, through which they could see a fish-like mouth and two small, beady eyes. Dark_T_Zeratul was the first to speak. "This Lavos...its true has been harvesting the DNA from all life for the sole purpose of furthering it's own growth and evolution. This is the creature which we must slay in order to return to where we came from. There's no turning back now. This is it, the final battle!" The rest of the group spoke up, too. "Lavos... I shall avenge my sister!" said Magus. "My life retaineth it's meaning!" said CB, quoting another of Frog's lines. "Ours... was a short youth," said Mason, jokingly quoting another Chrono Trigger line. Dark_T_Zeratul finished up with another Chrono Trigger quote. "The Black Wind howls... are you ready for the void?" "Hey, that's my line!" replied Magus. "Oh, sorry." Mason punched in another set of buttons on his CD Player, and the Lavos Core theme from Chrono Trigger played. Lavos screamed again and lifted his arms into the air. Two blobby pod-like things appeared in his hands and floated to either side of him. There was another bright flash of light and as the group readied their weapons they were sucked into the timestream to do battle with the foul creature...