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Original Maps and Campaigns

The Antioch Chronicles began as a campaign for Blizzard Entertainment's Starcraft. The first episode was created entirely by Auspex Turmalis. ZeusLegion stepped in as co-creator with the second and third episodes.

There were a handful of miscellaneous Starcraft downloads outside of the campaigns:

Starcraft II Campaigns

Forum member Lucid Iguana assembled a team of Antioch Forever and SC2Mapster community members to recreate the original Antioch Chronicles campaigns in Starcraft II. The team then created their own vision of the unfinished Episode III with original series creators Auspex Turmalis and ZeusLegion.

Fiction and Artwork

Antioch had an extensive universe, mostly fleshed out by ZeusLegion. Other sections relating to the storyline:

And some miscellaneous left-overs and extras:


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[The Antioch Chronicles]

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