The P-men of Antioch. It's a group of perhaps the most hardcore, awesome, and phallically gifted individuals you will ever find. It was founded by Stoker.

Its current roster is:

The official history, as given by Admiral Stoker:

The Admiral of Anarchy came to Antioch after having picked up a top 100 custom mods of all time issue of some game magazine with TAC in it. I followed the game to its website, and lurked for sometime, even showing up in the chatroom in my early days to talk to regulars such as Seawolf and Codebreaker under the name Jim McNeil. I also posted under the name Wrath[Sin] in addition to McNeil. At any rate, the good ole Admiral finally made his appearance when, after the 3rd unit for A3 had not been revealed for some time, I took it upon myself to challenge Auspex Turmalis to a game of Starcraft to reveal the newest unit. This was met with Wheeler, Seawolf, and a few others WASTEing me, and me firing back that I don't challenge Turmalis any longer, I challenge WASTE. Seawolf accepted, and in one of the greatest games of Starcraft I can ever recall playing, with Ruaquick1 as an observer (although she dropped mid-game) I beat him after about a half hour. (he pushed for Battlecruisers, I went Golgies/Ghosts) After that tensions remained pretty high between me and WASTE, and I at one point became fed up with being triple/quadruple teamed and formed The Lamer Protectorate. I had about 4-5 members initially, with my Vice Admiral being Jamz Bond, one of the biggest lamers of all time. Myself and Bond used to hate each other before we formed the Lamer Protectorate, and eventually my members began to leave until only I was left coming into the Ezboard forum. Eventually I took on a new Vice Admiral, IQ2000, better known to you all as Phalanx Covenant, and began recruiting new members, dropping the Lamer part of the name and going only by the name the Protectorate.

I recruited a good number of regulars this time out, including dine (skye), Blitz Zero (who would eventually jump ship for WASTE, and then jump ship back to us), and Maelstrom. Others would slowly trickle in, and this time when things would get ugly it would no longer be me versus WASTE, but me and the Protectorate versus WASTE. I attempted to expand into another forum, Campaign Creations, and met some success allying with a group called The Chaos Legion led by mAc Chaos. We were known for a good year as The Chaos Protectorate, and it was under this time period I adopted the title of the "Admiral of Anarchy".

Things got really ugly at one point and I left the forum in a big huff, remaining under the pseudonym Jack Whateley. I left the Protectorate to Phal, who dissolved it upon me "leaving". Blitz Zero started up a new group, called "The Combine" and took on most my old membership. I stayed at Campaign Creations for about 3 months before coming back and challenging the Combine leadership to a game of SC. Blitz Zero and his dine accepted, and myself and fellow Chaos Legionnaire Ruaquick1 made fairly short work of them. After a huge big mess was made about my return (most people did not welcome me back) I revealed I was Whateley and hurt my reputation for a time even more, however, I asked for a second chance from many and was given one. Eventually the Combine was reformed into the Protectorate and I was reinstated as the leader.

After that things have occassionally gotten frayed around here, but over time I've gotten more mellow and have cared less about certain things, and as a result we actually have gained a good deal of regulars amongst our membership. I always maintained that our one goal is to ensure that WASTE does not just drive off forumers, and that even people that seem like lamers should be given a chance, heheh. Kinda weird thinking about that now considering...

Our #1 enemy right now? Grand Moff Ogre, and his BORP cronies...never trust a bowling ball that talks, let alone one that is in cahoots with that imposter "Admiral" Styles.